12:14 PM

happy weekend all!!!
last night... my friends and i were planning to watch 3d movie... erm... yang meatball ya bha? apa dah nama pjg movie ya tek ow.. forgot...
we are a little bit late, coz...
1) picking up my takoyaki
2) waiting my friends to help her father to design their work for sedc or damai golf club ? im not sure which one. but its either one.

then... we arrive there around 6. the movie starts 6.15pm. we still got 15 minutes left to buy tickets.... but we are way too late BECAUSE..... wanna know why?

there's some irresponsible person in front of us that argue which seat to buy, which view is nice, here and there, and asking is the seat is good in feng shui etc etc....
my friends were likeee.... daaaaaaaaa........ the movies about to start... argue punya argue.... almost half an hour we waited for them, means its 6.30 already. so, the movies start for 15 minutes now.
yang pangainya kan, the person, the family in front of us, were buying tickets for TOMORROW'S show!!!!!
my friends was about to explode that time... plus... we cannot enter the movie already, cause they say its already started!! 15 minutes late cause of THEM!...
saba... saba..

then we just decide to see Jennifer's Body which is a-ma-zing.... seriously...

it gets my mind off thinking about those people who makes us miss our 3d movies..


  1. kmk blom gik sempat tgk mve 3D eh hehe

  2. Best cita ya.. And gmbr sorang ya cem kenal jak... Mmmm.. Saiful nak?!

  3. aieh.. ada org komen duhal dalam tok .. sorry guys.. sik pasan..

    ivy: aok... kmk lom juak.. sikpat masok gk dah ria.. wuwuwuw

    amir :
    aok.. sepul lah ya .. kenalka ?


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