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9:40 AM

Hai~~~ So i was known for running this blog as my personal blog. Well, of course. it is my blog right? hehehe.. Well, i just want to tell you guys out there, do you know that Kuching will be holding another event later on 22nd may 2010 @ Esplanade?

The event is called PESTA RIA BANDARAYAKU as you can see from the poster above~
jom. ramai2 kita pergi. there were lots of program will be held that day.

Senamrobik, Autoshow, Pertandingan Dart, Basking and others. ~

Beside that, Kuching north city council (well known as DBKU) will hold a CAR BOOT SALE in conjunction with Pesta Ria bandarayaku at the Esplanade.
Participation is open to all BUT limited to the 1st 70 partcipants. Of course 1st come 1st served basis. The entree fee for one is is only RM25.

Do take note that council will not provide any tents or any other equipment required. You have to prepare it yourself :D

Quick!! Last date to register for the sale is May 18.

For details, call Aine Jeman of the DBKU System and Administration Division, Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang, at 082-446 688 ext 128.

Ngee.. or maybe we just can go there and cuci mata... nak ho?? see you guys there!!!
aaa... sort of.. cause i have other events that day... see if i can squeeze it through~

:D :D :D


  1. kelak lah ngelepat ke sia..nyelepat..ngelepat..erkkk...

    maju dah blog dak neng tok ehhh... suka ngan kaler cat umah ktk tok... :)

  2. yerseh.. aoklah. nyelepat sia.. boh lupak.mun nemu2 sepak jak. keh3...

    aa.maju ikit jak. bisnes kelabing fb mek maju bah.. erkk..

    aok.. mek nak cat keta mek kaler tok juak koh

  3. mst meriah kelak owh, mun kmk ada waktu time ya ada lah kayo2 sia kelak...

  4. Cney esplanade kuching bah? Sori nanyak aaa.. Sik tauk kmk tok... Benar aihhh... Sik bulak2... haha...

  5. ivy:
    eheheh meriah lah kali ivy.... datang lah sitok. hehehe

    erm... maka ktk salu da jak nyukat jeraya.. yaaaaaaaaaa... waterfront baru yaaaa....


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