Mencari rumah sewa

3:05 PM
Searching for a rental house is not an easy matter subject. It sounds easy but hell its not. Today I've been wondering around the place here from 10am to 2pm non stop searching for the right place.
The thing is, people here don't advertise freely saying that their house is for rent. So.. How should I know?
Been asking people around also. Some of them don't know who own the place that for renting or how to contact them. That's another problem.

Actually, if the price here in hostel not keep increasing, I will stay in. But, rumors says that it will increase around RM900. 2 people means, RM1800. I guess its better for me to rent outside, right?

Also the things that concern me is the safety. That's why I want to search a right and perfect place. There's so much to thing about. Easier if I was in Kch right?
Well, mun camya sik merasa susah nak? Hehe.... Adios.. Nak berehat lok (a.k.a ngerepak di twitter)
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  1. pok, theres so much to THING ka to THINK? errr...

  2. Hahhh!!! Typing error bah! Nak jadi typolice juakka?? Ekekeke

  3. Haih ada umah sewa murah sinun. Nok umah bekas family kenak bunoh ya eh.... *larikkkkkk*

  4. Haihhh. Lom ktk ya bang. Ngegehhhh!! Ktk dlk diam sia! Hehehe


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