Friends and foe

2:26 PM

Been craving for lamb  satay almost a week. And guess what? Yesterday, one of my beloved friend message me and said she ordered lamb satay already... just for me! Yes yes yes! Only for me! Hehe.. 
Sometimes i think too myself why i have such a great friends surround me. Even though got certain people who are just so jeolous of whatever i'm doing that they have to beat down the best of me. But hey, everything happen for a reason right? When there are a clan of people backstabbing me, i still have millions of friends who would and will be there for me whenever i need them. And for that, i promise myself, no matter what, i will try to be there for them also. As long as you guys are willing to have me beside you .
Enjoying my meals of lamb satay and headache in the morning. Great weekend!

Specially to all who consider them as my bff. I love u guys!


  1. aku sik pande klaka omputeh jadi aku komen....salam ramadhan ngan kitak dan suami.semoga ramadhan tok memberi seribu bermakna ngan kitak sekeluarga.

  2. wahhhh...terbukak entry ni masa puasa dah..owhh..nak makan satay..nak makan satay...

  3. haniedew!
    sedap tau lamb satay ni. hehe dh teringin? jom. p bazaar cari.. ble pilak TERbukak entry ni ek? hehe

    lamak sik nengar berita ktk. hehe dh nak raya dh tok. selamat Hari raya o.. raya sine? hehe


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