Zombies Illustrator

 After so long that I haven't updated my blog. Can I post something today? hehe
and its been so long that I've played with Illustrator. I google things that I can try to play my hands with. Hence, here comes the zombie. Why Zombie? Cause I feel like living my life like one now as a zombie. (You know. Work Hard and No Play makes me a grumpy zombie) lol

 First, i get the sketch on to the Illustrator. In this case, I'm just using portable Illustrator CS6.
THen I start making the outline for the zombie. Creating separated layers for all.
For example, hair, head, body, arms, guts, and blood, its all in the different layers, separately.

Then after finish tracing all the outlines, select all layers and make the outlines strokes white and the colors inside black. This is to make sure that I have all the lines arrangement are correct. If not, then just adjust it backward of forward. 

Put colors in everything. Colors can be as your choosing. I just only mainly black for the strokes and inside colors  using green, black, red for guts, purple etc etc.

My end product. Not so good. hahahaha
Still need more and more and more practise.
But i'm proud cause I haven't touch Illustrator for more than 7 8 years. So, not bad hah?
 *angkat bakul sendiri*

 After adding shading and adding blur with some opacity

 p/s I really need to buy new laptop or pc to start playing with illustrator and PS again.

 To learn something like this just go to the Original Post with Tutorial. Click HERE 

or just copy and paste the link below 


  1. Very nice. Zombie? Have a break, go somewhere slow and easy...like Sibu. ;)

    1. yes. zombie. life in architecture field will make u feel like in a zombie land. haha.. yeaa... sibu will always be my stop destination everytime i went back to kch

  2. vector person? yeay

    uncle start guna illustrator tahun 1988 (Illustrator 88)

    1. hai uncle! baru2 nak start balik. lama sgt dah tak main. nasib tak lupa byk. hehe uncle pro lah ni! tunjuk ajarku sifu~

  3. Assalamualaikum sis .. lamanya umi tak jenguk sis ni ..

    waaa sis memang tidak pernah menghampakan .. ada je lukisan yang best2 untuk ditonton

    1. wsalam sis. aok. lamak ktk ilang sis.. hehehe.. sik tauk nak update apa kadang2. sikda apa gilak nak d cita. so show jakla project2 nak salu dpolah nak ow hehe


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