Thursday, April 12, 2012

event event event

Tomorrow there's a family day going on for our department. Archi deparment. Bz nak siapkan itu ini. bz nak prepare barang untuk esok. games semua dan prizes ...

gambar of course banyak yang akan di ambil. nak upload tu.... tengoklah... cause the line here is so so so so so so so jeolous of my online habit. Tersangatlah slow. nak update status tu boleh. Nak upload gambar tu tengok angin lah. Kalau angin dia sihat... adalah gambar.
Assignment nowadays as usual. Makin bertambah2... kerja pun bertambah since we have to take care of the archi family day, idol day and dinner night later. oh ya, not forgetting to arrange about the Dota competition around may i guess? lots of event going on for now.

either way, tak dapat nak update banyak sangat. GTG


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