Friend or Foe ?

9:22 PM
there is so many types of person in this world, there's a hypocrite, nice, kean, sweet, bloody shit, and so on ... 

sometimes we c them, as our lovely friends. no matter what happen, they will always be there for us.. well, not all of them, sometimes they can stab u in ur back, n never admit about it, and still can show their faces in front of us.. smiling, laughing, as if nothing has even happen. 

why? i tot that u r the one who suppose to be beside me when im in needed. ur the one who give me support wen im down, as wen i am always wen u r. 

what happen ? why u keep on bugging me ? why u keep on entering my personal life ? why ? 
there's a reason for what i did.. n did u ever asked for it? have you ever asked why i did it ? 
NO! coz u only see thru one eye. hear with one ear. think with no brain. who do u know the best? some1 who u knows for years or some1 u just met less than half month. 
just becoz the innocent face, u backstabbing me. 

i know im not that good, im not perfect. there is a mistakes i made, BUT WHY U ENTERING MY PERSONAL LIFE and leave that cause me to grieve .. why ? 

ur intention is gewd to help the goody2 innocent looking. but u know how i feel ? have u ever felt about it ? n i really tot u were my fren... yes, i still call u fren. i still hang out with u. but u know what i felt inside? i felt betrayed. i felf that there is no one else i can trust. i trust u .... i really do ... 

i miss hanging out with u, i miss talking to u, i miss laughing with u.... 

wen u were behaving badly, do i interfere in ur life ? im just tego u from outside. cant u just do the same for me ? why NOT!!! 

its hurts to know there's no one u can trust anymore. 

i really miss u fren.... do u ?

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