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27 of February 
 - my laz day of practical 
- my laz day of business .. i mean buziness... busy-ness
- my laz day of having many people helping me to forget my sadness
- genap since the incident
-genap 3 bulan aku pektikal
-genap 3 bulan jiwa aku kacau
-genap 3 bulan im avoiding everyone
-genap 3 bulan + 2 weeks more to trying
-genap 3 bulan, i will be gone 
-genap 3 bulan, im alone
-genap 3 bulan, im not alone
-genap 3 bulan, there's something missing 
-genap 3 bulan, its time to forget
-genap 3 bulan, its time to move on 
-genap 3 bulan, its time to started a new day + 2 weeks

everything is listed... well, not actually everything, but dat is something dat i have in mind for now... 
tomorrow will be d laz day of february 2009... babai another fabolousity month.. 
finish my intern, thinking what to d next, study? working? 

byk ilak menda d pk tok... mok study coz i know, with wat i have now, it can get me no where far then here... i will be always stuck here n see the same thing... 

p mun nak study, i have to sacrifise another 4 years. been wasting too many times studying that brought me nowhere... all becoz of financial problems. n i hate it ... so much .... but ... i keep it to myself. there's no point to say it outloud, wen it will always be the same. 

if im working, my salary is not enaf to support me, or my family. wat can i do with such a small salary in a big BIG BIG world like EARTH. 
- prices increases, for everything, food, accomodation etc
- competitive world 
- money and money everywhere 

mok study! mok keja wak! argh.. wat can i do ? 


i dun like being the old me.... 

cyesly ...


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