Have you?

4:42 PM
penah sik tokrang rasa :-

* you didnt belong to this someone?but yet this someone has give you the best of them to you.
*you feel like you want to cry your hearts and your eyes out everytime you miss someone or something?
*you feel helpless and dont know what to do, yet there is actually a way out in front of your eyes. its just that you cant choose that path as it leads to someone's pain.
*you dont care if you, yourself is hurt. but you dont want to hurt anyone else. Especially those who gave given you the best.
*you feel like everyone around you hated you
*there's no where else to go, and you feel alone eventhough there's a crowd surrounding you.
*you feel that there is no point of pointing to the truth.
*you just want to be alone yet you need someone by your side.
*you need motivation badly.
*you feel cra-zy?

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