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2:42 PM
i've seen the Terminator Salvation that day. it's a VERY VERY interesting movies. but its quite nice. its not too boring and not too dull. before i seen this movie people said that this movie is kinda boring with lots of talking, crapping and bu*****t. but as i see it,

NOT BAD... seriously.. its not bad. why do they comment such thing at the movie? well, from there u can see that, don't judge the movie by the critism :P
now i have another movie still coming on my list.. Transformer will be showing in 2 days. i havent see the Night at the Museum yet but i guess i just borrow the DVD from my niece.
i see another commercial yesterday.... HARRY POTTER! a must see movie ... and.. erm.. whats another one.. i kinda forgot. TRANSFORMER is a must... NO DOUBT on it .. but yet i still have another movie.. but now seems cant think any of it.i keep u guys updated later k.

movie is not the only thing i wanna crapping today, its been so many things happen... lets have some of the keyword, happiness, trust, loyalty, honesty, betrayal

all the keywords must be familiar for u guys. who doesnt want happiness? who do not want to be trust? who don't want to be loyal or people be loyal to them... and who doesnt want the honesty in their life? call me, msg me if u think u dont want it. i be amazingly excited to know why.
my topic for today is that i want to know, how and what do u guys feel if someone u really care, someone u really do care do not have can be so hurting u ? not physically but mentally. you've been saying nothing .. nothing but the TRUTH. you've been so honest they still don't trust you instead trusting the so call instinct and some other else that is being so batu api. How do you guys feel when you being betrayed by someone you care, someone who used to hang out with u 24 7. i know all of you guys out there has been through all this.. me too. not once, not twice.. not even three times. but so many times. so many times that sometimes i don't know if i can even trust any other in my life, so many times that i don't think i can handle it anymore.
sometimes i think ... no, not THINK. but i LOVE being a lone ranger. no one bothering, no one care.
but i don't like it.. really.
who likes being alone ? no one.. not even YOU...
naa... i lose all my point right now. i'll continue later if i got any. or i wont. depends.

this post has nothing to do with anything... (......)
i'm just feeling like typing.. and typing but im out of ideas already.

to all.. i love u... (especially my family and friends)

to all that seem to have so many bad things to say about me...[keep on, i would love to hear another rumour... cant wait for it.. keep me informed ;) ]

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