11:55 PM
cant wait for weekends!!!!!! having my fun times with my favourite babes of all times!!

sadly.. this will be our last weekend coz she will be transfer back to her hometown which is in bintulu.! seriously... SO SAD ok ?
mostly, everyday we chill, every weekend we have activities. Karaoke ? Swimming? SteamboT? Picnic? Modelling? Laser tag? Swee Kang ? U name it.. BE THERE DONE THAT... Everyweek, never miss! well, maybe one or two weeks missing...(got what i meant here) every weekend is a busy weekend and im always looking over it. After this? IDK.

im in a sad moody happy exciting mood now. So much for a mood swing huh?

Really. We started as a stranger, slowly bonding to be something more than we can imagine.
I am gonna miss you. I know i will..

Losing one by one by my side.. Is it ?

Sudahlah saya dan dia ada salah faham!! saya tidak suka.. sungguh tidak suka.. salah siapa? salah saya atau salah dia atau salah kami?

back to the story..


i am gonna miss my LITTLE BIG SISTER

please dont go ? please dont transfer back ? 3 year or more... stay? plsS? pity pweety puhlees?


  1. Don't worry... geng blogger kan ramai ;-)

  2. mstikot:
    erm erm.. yala h.. juh mstikot ! kita g swimming, steambot, koke, picnic, lasertag, ngeceng ronglaki... erkk..


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