First Wedding Picture

Many people asked me where is my wedding photo? 

Well, some of you guys who do have my facebook account can see my wedding picture(s), err, not ALL of the pictures but yet there is somehow a few of them is in there. 

Me, myself haven't actually officially upload my wedding photo although its been almost 3 months. Wait! It's been 3 months already? WOW... i haven't noticed that. 

Ok... This is a sneak peak.. One of many (as if) my wedding photo(s) 

This is me and just me alone, usually i upload my husband picture everytime anytime we're going out or updated my blog right? So, this entry is quite special as i upload my own picture. 

Err... i guess one is enough

Eventhough the real reason why i haven't upload any of the wedding pictures is because of the connection line. Blame it on the freaking slow line connection that i have here. 


  1. @labu labi!!
    print gmbr kmk! yer.. sak jak gmbr lom berik. berik emel ktk gik lok

  2. taun alip nunggu gambar kitak ya.wakakaka.

  3. mok ngga gmba lain gk...yerdeh...sak jak dh ngga lam fb..hehehehe...=p


  4. @labulabi
    hehehe... dari taun alip? lom lamak ya. tok baruk taun alip setengah. hahahah

    hahaha... line sik bgs gilak. lalu sigek jak gambar. huhuhu

  5. Wassehhh... kacak gambar.. siyes... Sapa OP ktk ya??

  6. yerdehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... sik takut kenak cilok? ekekeke...


  7. @wa kerol
    sidak kanak2 riang pintar... ekekekeke...

    gmbr lam fb byk gik kenak cilok. sama jak nya. hahahaha

  8. oit oit
    sik aci
    more pix pls!hahaha
    tok dah ditanga d fb hahaha

  9. jue:
    aci ka? ko pahal nunggah laki aku. hahahaha


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