High Expectation Father??

2:52 PM
How's your father?

hehe the reason i asked this is because, i was wondering, do you guys ever encounter a Father/daddy/bapak/papa/ayahanda that is wayy to high in expectation?

I come across this one site in facebook... errr... See for youself =D

Scenario 1 :

You go for an exam. You always get C or D or worst, FAIL. Then one magical day, you got B+ for your result. Will your father act this way?

Scenario 2 :

You asked you father to open a Facebook account =D

Scenario 3 :

Your hanging out at your friend's crib and suddenly there is an incoming message from your father

Scenario 4 (Ask your mama or papa) :

Err.. you just born.. and... err... just read =P

Scenario 5 :

You got some disease and this is how your father react

Is that what happen when you have WAY TO HIGH EXPECTATION FROM A FATHER?
i wonder who ever EVER come across this kind of situation.

Care to share?? =D

LOL.. semua yang di atas hanyalah gurauan semata-mata. Tiada paksaan, keganasan atau memalukan mana-mana pihak terutama ayahanda yang tercinta.

Happy BELATED Father's Day DADDY!! I'm WAY HAPPY cause your not in any one of the above choices :)

p/s below picture is cute


  1. Nasib bapak kmk sik cemya juak.. haha..

  2. haha the best pic!!! ;D

    latest work

  3. hahaha...lucu no part sms ya siap mms muka manas...parai...hahaha...

  4. I like that one," Why you got hepatatis B, why not hepatatis A" hahahahahah.

    i am a father, i have always told my sons to be happy in what they do,,,, and pray to god for wisdom


  5. @amirfx
    hhehehe cmne nak rupa mun ada bapak camya nak ow... hehe

    yeap! hilarious pic kan? :D

    hahaha kmk suka juak ya aie. tang ada2 jak bapak mms dengan muka manas.. aie.. ngutik. hahaha

    i like that one too.. its like... we can choose to get A or B? but for disease? hahahaha... funny..
    yeap, i know ur a father and a very good one. I love to hear you story about your family and son. have a nice day there =D

  6. Love the face book and study pic. LOL!! And the mms with the angry father's look. HAHA! Funny.:)

  7. thankfully i dont have a high expectation father :)

  8. @Lindy
    Right? I love that one too and especially the mms with the angry look. ClassiC! lol

    yea.. thanfully u didnt. Wayy to high expectation is out of reach. hehe

  9. wahahahaha...so funny till.Hanie gelak sampai nak pengsan..sib baik la my father open minded je..

    psst cantik layout baru..bile tuakr..tak perasan. lately a bit bz sampai rindu nak blogwalking.

  10. =p bapak mek? errmm... macam sik kesah jak kamek orang nak jadi apa, result kedak ney.. tapi nang nya selalu soh baca, baca, baca dan abca dan baca.. yalah bapak i...=p

  11. ada pix ya pegang baby ya..nok soh anaknya jd doctor
    ku suka nanga cdak duak ya

  12. Funny! But every father has high expectation on their children. My dad would spank me if I didn't study. It was so stressful. But then, I really appreciate what he did to me.


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