Stress Free

1:21 PM
I notice everytime i start my new post with maybe Its been a while. or may not be at the beginning of the post but somehow somewhere, there must be in that paragraph i will put ITS BEEN A WHILE.
Maybe it is has been a while since i updated. This is my last sem here in college and hopefully all goes well from here. No. Im not taking degree or master if u ask (since people keep questioning me the same question). And yes I know its quite late for someone my age to take what I take now. So what if this is the only opportunity I only manage to grab now.
Anyway, enough about this mumbling little things.

I've been planning to post about my Raya this year. but can't seems to find the perfect time for me to upload my picture cause of internet connection, busy yada yada yada.. so many reasons.
So, I'll post about that maybe .... not today.

Many things has happen, my laptop crash ke ba boom... In this final year final sem where everything is about money. You choose the correct and perfect time to crash. But actually its quite ok. Since I havent start class that time. So, i need not to be worried about losing my precious files cause of it. So Yeayy~~ to that.
Since I'm getting a new machine for me self desperately. I have to thank someone really dear to me for that special help. I dont have any idea who else would willingly just to give me that amount of money in a short notice. Really appreciate it.

Well, I guess writings do make me feel less stress eventho I only mumbling things that maybe you guys don't know about. But hey.. at least I'm stress free for a while


Continue doing my work then.

Happy monday guys!


  1. aie xtauk ktk ada blog duhal

    cheer up~!

  2. mstikot!! happy new year! hehehe... lamak dah bok dpt mek nak reply gik...

    eva... ehehe sine ktk rasa kmk kenal2 org tok.. kebanyakan dalam blog. ehhe sine ktk tauk tek ?


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