People or Yourself?

9:11 AM
Living in a world full of liars is not an easy task to get through everyday. Everyday when you have to face all this people is like having getting ready for a war. But then, if compare to war against yourself and against this people, I would say that war against people is much more easier than war against yourself. Ask yourself, and I think that most people would eventually agree with me (well, maybe not all)

If a war against people, its easier to let people down or at least hurting people if your engage in one. But then if you are in a war against yourself, there is nothing you can do but have to admit defeat to yourself as you know yourself too much that you know what is your problem and weaknesses. But, if I got to choose which one i rather face. I would say I rather face war against myself than people. I just can't stand against people who think too highly of them and think how perfectionist of them against others. Its like you were having an argument with an idiot. And you know what their message if relating to this matters. Never ever argue with the idiot. They just drag you more towards their levels instead of your saying what you want to emphasize exactly.

Too much words? Then stop reading. or maybe I should just stop writing. 

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