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So, last few weeks before Ramadhan, my husband is having a major toothache that he barely can stand anymore. At first I asked him to go to Klinik Hanipah which is located at the Perumahan Phase 2, Jalan Astana because me myself and I have been their loyal customer for so long. Not only I feel comfortable there with the nicest doctor but what I like most it there is because there barely have any other customer without reservation. So, you can count on being attend a.s.a.p as long as nobody there. To cut things short, he at first dont wanna go there and directly went to Poliklinik. I dont hold any grunge to poliklinik but I dont like the way they operating and how they treat people ( for my case only. non for others). I have so many bad experience with poliklinik, either they give me the wrong medicine or for the dentist, they ask me to go next year after I have make appoinment before. Thats mean I have to wait at least 6-7 months again... again??? Seriously? Its toothache man. I dont think anybody can stand it any longer. So, the husband going there and guess what?? Woohooooo~~~ his mouth is like cut and bleed. I dont know how the doctor operated? Simply doing the job? Non to examine any thing? They called up like 2 to 3 doctors into the room and non of the can take out the tooth. Furthermore, they leave a cut mark on the corner of the lips. It looks hurt tho. I bet it did.

After a week, he then make an appoinment at Klinik Hanipah. The operation is schedule to be done on 14July2014 But then ? after 2 week or one? I lost count myself. I called up again to re-confirm the appointment as he want to full up the leave form and guess what?? The klinik said, oh sorry, the doctor cant do the operations because the teeth is far too way back. Too scared or maybe not enough equipment? Im not sure. But what the hell are you doing agreeing on scheduling the operations and then not mentioning anything about NO I CANT DO THIS? wth? This is mess up man. Luckily is tooth. If the tooth is dependable for the human life. Your a mess...

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