Mini Picnic & Niece Holidays [Part 2]

A very dear friend of mine visiting her families here in the city and of course we're taking that chances to met up as well. We were great great friends once upon a time, well, still is, but due to our own commitment to the families nowadays that makes us distance. But hey, technologies is here to make us near again right.

I'll be telling different stories about our friendship in different post. As for now, here is our story during Christmas Holidays. My friend is from Bintulu and coming here to visit their families, of course she'll bring along his first son coming, Amar. Amar is such a handsome kid and funny. He have that face that can get you go 'Aaaaaawwwww....'

Oh well, I guess most kids have that kind of face no?

Anyway, since my niece is also here, so we're making an unplanned trip to the beach. Just the four of us, giggling and laughing and spending the time. A mini picnic as I called it. We're having a few of banana fritters or cucur pisang as we local called it. LOL. Keropok Lekor and Coconut Milkshake. The taste of coconut milkshake is not bad. Keropok lekor? not really. But the banana fritters is thumbs up!

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My Niece and The Baby, Amar

Like mother like son. haha Lucu ok mak nya tok. Macam budak kecik

Knight in shining armor?

 After going here and there for awhile, its time to send the lads back home. Going to miss my friend and the baby boo. But before sending them back, we made a brief stop at one of the cendol places. Brief la sangat kan? haha

No picture of the cendol. Lupak. Been talking and talking and eating makes us forget to take the pic.

Bye Baby Boo. Muahs!

Till next time...


  1. Amboi seronok nya baby boo..
    Kemain dia..
    Geram tgk pipi dia rasa nak cubit..

    1. kan sis.. dulu gebu lagi badan dia tu. hehe sekarang dah kurus dah. tinggal gebu kat pipi tu je lagi

  2. Baby's so cute. Handsome boy.

    1. He's adorable. Glad to have him in my life as well as the mother


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