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Good Morning~!

Been dissapearing for awhile cause too busy with works and stuff. Only have the chance to go blog today and will be blogwalking in a while.

Miss me ? (as if. haha)

Anyway, how's life? How's weekend?

Last weekend, during that hectic time,  I was manage to go out for awhile with few friends to watch movie.

"The Friend Request" 

Ever heard of it?

Quite nice. Not too bad not too shabby but I don't really like the ending. Macam tergantong jak. Its like it will never have ending and history keep on repeating itself.

Its about something like facebook where u just accept anyone to be your friends. and then baam!! suddenly your friend with this one mysterious girl. Little that she knows that she actually will be fighting with demonic presence that slowly killing her friends one by one just to make her feeling lonely.

Can go watch the trailer here.

Personally, not really my type of film, but hey I get bored and there's nothing new for me to watch so I settle with this.

Anyway, this is also one of the proposal for presentation. Pardon me for posting it this way. Copyright matters. Hehe..

Have a good day ahead guys .

Till next time.


  1. Hi sis .. lamak c ke sitok kmk aiee ..

    Waaa kacak bangunan ya .. best nya jalan2 tga movie .. suka kmk diat..

    Take care sis

    1. hi sis.. sine tuju ktk menghilang sis. ehehe

      makseh utk pujian bangunan ya. hhehe.. msh berusaha nak membaikinya. aok. sekali sekala jalan nangga movie sis.. bes.. pegi la mbak family tak

      ktk take care juak sis

  2. Been years since I last went and watched a movie. Lovely building!

    1. I've stop last few years but start again this year since living away from home. Just to let the time pass.. Thanks!

  3. is it a horror movie? quiet intresting. :)

    1. yeap! horror movie. boleh tahan. but not really my cup of tea. U can try to see it hehe

  4. sissss...mcm mana blh kerja architecture ??? best kan architecture.. XD

    1. Sangat best!! memang minat sis. minat sgt. cuma dulu2 tak kesampaian. Nanti story dlm blog eh


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