CD Rack Rendered

Remember my past entry about the CD Rack.
Well here is the rendered version of it.

Not sure if it will be approved or not but I'm sure hoping. Getting really tired of managing this project since its been going on for years~~

If, IF ok, haha If I have the money myself. I would be love to have a room like this in my own house. Well, maybe one day. Who knows right?
Right now I will make people dreams come true but one day, my turn will come.

Till next time,
Ztie Shr


  1. OOhhh sitoknya duhal. Baru nanga kitak apdet. Hehehe

    So you're an architect by profession?

    1. Aieh sitok jak. hahaha.. sine gk nak pegi kmk? haha.. errr... assistant jak. Sik cukup qualification nak amik title AR ya. But right now more to designer

  2. Yes, I would love a room like that too, so luxurious. Sighhhhh!!!!

    1. i know right?? well, in my dreams maybe


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