Aerial View Perspective

Lama dah rasanya tak upload anything bout the project I've been involved in.
Ok. So this is actually about two different site.
Bukan nak cita pasal kat mana site ni segala. Just nak cita. Dulu kannn. duluuuuu lahh.. I am so bad. Really bad at doing aerial view. Like seriously guys. Whoever taking architecture now yg rasa mcm tak confident dengan sendiri nak lukis ke apa ke. You guys will eventually get the hang of it. Trust me

I lost my laptop so I cannot actually show how does my old aerial view looks like. But what I can tell u is, it sucks! hahaha malu sendiri tengok time2 wat submission dulu time kolej. Sampaikan time dah kerja pun bos tak suruh tambah pokok segala. Just buat bangunan and just tambah wording..

Nowwww~~~ not as great as the others. But i'm getting the hang of it.

I will try more and better next time!



  1. But kan... from my untrained view, this drawing is good, as if im looking at a marketing brochure for a house =)

    1. hahaha that is already a big compliment for me! hehe.. tapi masih byk gik kekurangan ya. mok d perbaiki.. thanks for giving me hopes!


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