Raya 2016 Tragedy

11:51 PM


Throwback after Raya 2016 (which basically means this year), on my way back to Miri from Kuching. My baby were so unfortunate to seal his fate like this. 

*noted that when I said my baby it means my red car 😬

Yes. I was alone at that time so no harming anybody else. Usually my niece or nephew, cousins or friends will accompany me doesn't matter from Kch to Miri to Kch or vice versa but this time I was alone. So, lucky also eh? If not somebody else will be traumatized other than myself. 

It become a self accident after I try to avoid another car coming from front whose cutting the double line during the corner also. Maybe it was my fault as well as I get surprised and hit the brakes but unfortunately the breaks didn't work and I sway my car to the side and try to use handbrake but to no avail the car didn't stop. It just skid and can't be turn anymore as if like the tyre was lock. Lucky for me that I was not aiming for the cliff during my nervous time and just ram to the beam on the road side. Crush to the some fencing and hit rock bottom. Literally. Rock. The rock is under my car which makes it impossible for me to move it by myself. 

But hey. We're living in Sarawak where we have so many good person. There's one lorry and one hilux who stop by but unfortunately they can't tow my car out from the side cause it really got stuck. 
No choice by then. There's a tow truck around and have to ask them. But. Yeaaa. U know how much they cause right? I just have to do it. No other choice for me at that time. 

Lucky for me also that it didnt hit the radiator so the car still can start and go. Its just some cover under the car is gone, bumper is finish and the skirting was 😭😭😭 its too sad for me too look at. 
The rim also got spoil because of it. But i I've change it already cause car is one my necessity here. Bumper and skirting still haven't fix. Its too expensive!!  But so syg the original rim *sad face* 

I just close my eyes that time and pray that my car can still drive until i reach Miri which It eventually did eventhough i arrive really really late than expected. Thank God that I still breathing here and now. Its just that sometimes now my arm will sometimes hurt maybe cause of the impact and my chest too. Other than that. I'm a ok. 

P/s did u know that last Raya 2015 my other car, Kenari was in an accident too? 
Its been two years in a row. Hmmm. 

P/s/s i still have that trauma with driving now especially when somebody suddenly overtake. Or drive way too fast 

Thank you to those who stop and help. And thanks also to those who look at me like I'm going to rob u. Ok. No offense taken with so many things happen nowadays but I just feel so sad by the road side when nobody helping me at 1st. Haha ok. Then. Have a good night.


  1. Oh gosh! hope you were ok no serious injury etc... Thank God! Should've brought a companion along, at least ada kawan tolong beri reminder sekali sekala or tolong teman supaya tak tido, or teman bercakap lah sepanjang jalan, also for safety reason. But am glad you're alright. Berita accident2 ni memang susah nak digest...

    1. Yes. Thankfully no serious injury. Its just that my chest and arms still feel sakit sometimes now. I didn't actually feel sleepy that time. Cuma terkejut dgn kereta motong dpn ya. haish but yalah. malang sik berbau kan. Nasib juak my anak buah sik jadi ekot. I scare her trauma later to follow me next time. usually mmg sidak salu ekot balit

  2. woww.berhati hati di jalan raya...terutama kat jalan yang lurus lurus kawasan kawasan yang di jangka kereta suka memotong terutama dari tatau ke sibu sibu sarikei, saratok ke betong..terutama selepas selangau ke bintulu jalan yang nang susah nak di gambarkan.mun da start driving 2 3 jam emosi nang sik stabil.minyak mala ja di tekan sampe 110km..bila gik bertemu ngan konvoi yang agak panjang(lori panjang sampe 5 6 buah) tekanan nak memotong ya nang berkobar kobar. jadi yalah masa nemu jalan yang agak lurus kompom la berduruk duruk jak kereta mula memotong. kenaklah prihatin tangga kerek kanan.kita sik tauk nak bila bila masa ja kereta bolah muncul dari depan atau belakang..

    1. aok. nang jak koh. minyak mala d tekan. gik2 mun konvoi yg menyebabkan kereta berjalan bawah 40km/h ya.. ya nang nyuruh ngantok. jadi terpaksa memotong kadang2 huhu.. tok tek kmk kenak rah sebangkoi sia. nang kawasan hitam juak eh

  3. Oh dear!!! Yes, I sent my girl back to her jungle school that post-Raya week weekend, it was a bumper to bumper crawl from Sibu going in the direction of Bintulu and Miri. Would have to stay extra alert and be very careful with the volume of traffic at the time. Chinese feel the need to be extra careful this month too - the Chinese 7th Month! I would say one would have to be careful at all times when on the road, predict the unpredictable...and have faith in God!

    1. Chinese 7th month is the Ghost festival is it? Yes. It is usually hectic during festivals time right. This is my first accident with my new car and after first accident in long road trip since i start driving long distance in 2010. WEll, there is first time for everything right? I just thankful there is people willing to stop and help me that time. I still remember how shaky and scared i am

  4. Ouch! I know how this feels. Js glad you are alright, but I bet, sakit hati itu memang besar....


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