Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016

2:09 PM

Wishing Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to fellow bloggers and readers. Semoga tahun ini mendatangkan lebih keberkatan kepada kita semua dan semoga bertemu Ramadhan yang akan datang. 

I'll be driving back to my hometown tomorrow which approximately will be around 14 hours. Estimated time arrival around 2/3am on the first day of raya cause I still don't know what time I will be departed from here. 

Pray for my safety and others who are on the road as well. 

Semoga semuanya selamat sampai ke kampung halaman. 

Road trip tomorrow~~ wwuhuuuuuu ~~ my favorite part of going back everytime 

Till next time,
Ztie Shr


  1. It's over, hope you had a great time.

    Sent my girl back to her jungle school yesterday and on the way back mid-afternoon, there were lines and lines of cars, kilometres after kilometres, non-stop! Everyone who balik-ed kampung all going back to their work places, I guess. Same thing during Chinese New Year and Gawai.

    Lots of people driving these days, it seems - road is not too bad, and no Air Asia flying Bintulu, Miri and Sabah and anyway, the fares are way too expensive, what more to say MasWings.

    1. The fares nowadays especially during peak times will be way too expensive. That's why I always prefer to drive. One thing because my holiday always approved way too late for me to event book earlier flight. Where actually is your girl jungle school?

  2. Selamat Hari Raya mem! Hope you had a great holiday! Me... back at work today.

    1. Lambat bukak blog. haha. selamat hari raya juak babe. Nak bertemu raya haji dah. hehe


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