Jom Berbuka Puasa @ Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

Salam Ramadhan~

Today is the 5th day of Ramadhan where all Muslim (especially adult) are obliged to fulfill their task of not eating and drinking during daytime for this whole month. Well, it is compulsory to all adult except those who are suffering from illness, elderly, pregnant ladies especially those who still breastfeeding and other matters that not allowing them to fast. It is a period of reflection, devotion, sacrifice by Muslims all around the world.

Why is it known as a nature time of sacrifise?
Try to look around you, through fasting, a Muslim experiences hunger and thirst, and somehow will make they sympathizes with those who have little to eat everyday. It makes people feels closer to their Creator and know that everything we have in this life is a blessing from Him. And through out all this, people will develop feelings of generosity and good-will towards each other and so that they may learn self restraint.

The Prophet Muhammad once said, "A man's wealth is never diminished by charity"

Hence, what makes my topic of the blog today, Ramadhan, Charity, Generosity. Good-will.

Received an invitation through Sarawak Bloggers to iftar at one of the best Hotel,
Miri Marriott Resort & Spa that set along the South China Seafront.
Marriott is organizing break fast with the orphans from Rumah Amal Anak Kesayangan Kami along with the Corporate Clients and teams.

Marc Cosyns, General Manager of Miri Marriott said,

“This is an effort to showcase Miri Marriott as an innovative player in the hospitality

industry which is willing to spread cheer and joy to the less fortunate, at the same time ,

as a way to inculcate spirit to serve the community among the Miri Marriott personnel”

Some of the photographers in front ^_^

 So, today, me 3 other Sarawak Bloggers, Pei, Judith and Eileen that I just met yesterday were delightful to accept this invitations to break fast at Zest, Marriott Resort & Spa, Miri.

From Right, Eileen, Pei, Judith, Ms Chu (MarCom Asst Manager), and Mr Marc Cosnys (The GM)

The Ramadhan buffer is priced at RM88++ for adult and half price for children age 5 to 11 years.
Plus they have this amazing promotion that offers
a) every 20 paying diners, 5 diners for free for the first week of Ramadhan at Zest.
b) Every 12 paying diners, 2 diners for free for the following weeks.

and, not only that, Marriott in collaboration with CIMB Bank RM1.00 Dining Campaign, the 4th diner only pays RM1.00 with minimum of 3 paying diners in a single receipt (both credit and debit card are accepted)

Nice right? Imagine to only pay RM1.00 and enjoy all those scrumptious spread of Ramadhan delights at Zest Restaurant throughout the month of Ramadhan from 6.00pm to 10.00pm with a 6 days menu rotation.

Enough with my rambling. How about some visual to haunt your Ramadhan month? hehe

What's on my plate? I've tried the Lamb Ose, basically its something like urmm, briyani rice with a shredded/slices lamb and veges. Its really nice but I will still go for the chicken and meat satay. IT was the best (for me at least). The ketupat and the gravy was urghh. There's no words for it. You have to be there to experience it. Its just to die for (I realize I keep repeating this in my IG haha)

Desserts that I've try is the Chocolate Mousse with Macaroons, marble cheese cake, chocolate cake, a slice of (OMG I forgot what they called that. SOrry!) and another few more macaroons. They have like a tons in a jar. Whoever is into sweets, you have come to the right place. If only I can just bring all the macaroons home. haha

and then I try the sweet banana porridge. (its the name I've given. not the one officially settle by Marriott) haha its so nice. I just can eat more but I have to keep the space for others. What others?
Scroll down to see more pictures of foods~~

Preparing the Shawarma

The kids waiting for breaking fast

Lamb Ose

Satay Area

Waiting for cotton candy~accompany by the F&B Manager

Hello to Ms Chu

Loves how they decorate the walls. I just love scribbling

 Interesting Right?
For more information on the foods and hotels or to make a reservation, feel free to contact Zest Restaurant.

Phone : 085 421 121
Email :

Or you guys can follow the social media.
Instagram @miri_marriott
Twitter @mirimarriott

 Having a great time and thank you to all the staff and managers that has been working hard to make the event success. Hope to get more collaborations in the near future.

Salam Ramadhan you all. Selamat berbuka puasa. Selamat Sungke~

p/s having a pleasure to view the new room. it was wow! that will be in another entry. haha 


  1. So nice of them to do their bit for the less fortunate. Sure makes this Ramadhan month a whole lot meaningful.

    1. yeay, they do this every year. its just i'm very fortunate to be invited this year

  2. best ehhh. so far kmk lok gik bersungkey di luar. huhu

    1. bes lah juak. hehe mbak family ktk lok sungke lua ka camne ka.

  3. Omg droooooooling!!!! @____@ tiba2 rasa magic sebab lamanya x blogwalk. Will blogwalk more after this hee..:)

    1. yeayy~~ where have u been? hehe selalu2 la blogwalking

  4. The dishes look amazing! I always look forward to Ramadan because of the buffets. Now, however, I have to cut down since I'm getting round hahahaha

    1. It is amazing. I can't try it all as i'm getting so full. I didnt hear anything from kch group this year. is there no buffet Ramadhan invitation from Kch side? Your not getting round. just balanced it up by running around with your daughter. hehe

  5. That looks like some kind of swiss roll. No buffets for me, did not even go to the Ramadhan bazaars this year. Growing old, I guess - not much energy to run here and there anymore. Sobsssss!!!!!

    1. It is. They make it into a really big swiss roll. and insert date (kurma) in the middle of it.. aww.. its not getting old. age its just a number ok. haha cause i also didn't went to any bazaar this year. guess i'm not into it too much this year


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