Midnight Rambling

Its been a long time since I really, really, really type something into my blog. I mean like, things other than my work and stuff I draw. Previously, this blog is all I ever have to spit out all the things inside me. Literally, everything. People who knew me since my first posting is still one of many friends I have now. They know me before and after. Been blogging since 2009. So, more or less, 7 years and counting. 

I ever thought of closing this blog before, but since there's so many memories inside here that sometimes me myself even forget about it. I made a decision to just let it be. To just be my online diary which can be read by anybody. Well, not really a diary. Its more like my life sharing, work sharing? or just my nonsense empty rambling like, right now? lol

There is so many things that have happen to me recently. Good or bad. If life gives me lemon, I might as well make a lemonade out of it right?
 I've been trying to avoid negativity in my lifes. So, hey you. I bet you will find this one day. Just remember that whatever you have done. I will never make you forget it. You will never forget me and those things that you and your friends done.

and now its time for one last bow, like all of your other self. Eleven hour is over now, the clock is striking twelve. This is it. This is how it ends. We can't change the future. Not anymore. I'll be keeping your safe for one last victory. Allow me to do that. Thank you.

and good bye.

p/s help him dear God. Help him to get through all those things and guide him to be true to you.


  1. Keep going. Sometimes I stumbled upon some very nice blogs but they are no longer active, so sad.

    1. i know right. i always stumbled upon them too but sadly no longer updated


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