Trouble in Paradise

There's always trouble rise somewhere. Well, not actually trouble.
I maybe hurt one of my friend. Well, truth to be told. I never actually meant to hurt her. Its just that she knows that I'm outspoken and sometimes maybe too harsh.
That's my problem tho. Maybe I'm way too outspoken or maybe there's something in the tone that I use that day.
I really didn't mean to hurt her. She's the last person I want to hurt here. Since she's my only friend in this new place and how she always help me everytime I'm in trouble.

Its something silly actually. Really silly. IF I'm thinking it back. Maybe I could not think that its 'that' reason that make her angry/mad at me for awhile. She feel offended cause that one time, I was joking with her about that one purple shoe of her that she 'accidently' clorox it and it changes the color. So, i just tell her.

WHYYYY.. why did u do that??? why??? U know clorox is for what and u were the one who taught me whats the clorox for bla bla bla and maybe other things that I've said?

Well, she's offended by it.
she said she's being shallow by it and too sensitive. but maybe I was the one who's being insensitive as well?
Y'know, being too outspoken and sometimes maybe I'm too comfortable with her like my own bff from my childhood that I didn't realize that I might her with my words and my voice tones.

Sorry friend. I know u know that I have a blog and chances that u will not stumble unto this blog since u only read English and not Malay u might skip my blog. Hehehe

But truly. I'm sorry. I already confront you and asking your forgiveness just now. I just hope you really meant it when you say that your feeling ok already.

Love u buddy!

p/s maybe that is the problem with me? With whatever happen in my life especially with the ehem? That I'm too insensitive?


  1. she will forgive you. maybe dia tengah sedih jugak kena marah tapi kalau dah sayang, tak ke mana jugak kan. Hihi

    Anyway, salam perkenalan :)

    1. haha yeap. dia mmg dah ok dah sekarang. seronok sgt ... thank u sebab singgah eh~ salam perkenalan ^_^


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