ok capslock. lol I'm just excited to announced that SERIAN SCOUT is about to  hold their  FIRST RUN 
Yes. First. Don't you guys wanna be apart of the history? Isn't it exciting? 

It is obviously a healthy activity and those who wish to contribute to school children in Serian. This is the right activity for it. 

Come and join the Scout Run on July 8, 2017. With the support of Rev Run Co, the run will definitely be fun and exciting.

The aim of the Scout Run is to raise fund for the Scout organisation in Serian. As a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, the fund will be used to develop human capital and to finance Scouting activities in the district.

It is expected that YB Dato’ Sri Richard Riot Ak Jaem, member of the parliament and Federal Minister of Human Resource will officiate at the start of the three and five-kilometre run at 6 am.
The Scout Local Authority Chairman, Yunus Apok, hopes that youths and people from all walks of life will participate in the run as it promotes peace and unity through the gathering of people from different races and background.  

Nevertheless, it also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Not many big-scale runs are happening in Serian, but Scout is setting the benchmark for others to follow whereby it is trying to get 500 runners from nearby Serian. 
As this run is non-competitive, runners get their medals after completing the run and top ten finishers will get special prizes.
Yunus added that the t-shirt will come in an attractive purple to represent the World Scout Organisation while the medal is round with a rotating 360 degrees Scout logo from Medal Depot. Isn't it sound nice guys? So come on!

Runners will also have the opportunity to bring home hampers from the lucky draw during the event.

Children under 12 can participate in the run but must be accompanied by parents or guidance.

Participants can get the registration forms from:
  • The Brooks in Green Heights Mall
  • Scout Shop at Batu Lintang
  • Tarat Sentral in Serian

For more information, please contact Mr. Yahya Iskandar at 013-8210401

Submission of registration form and payment of the RM50 are to be done by hand tp:
  • Madam Irin Banying  at 0198386115 
  • Miss Sendra Ada at 0137060028 


Bank in to 8008514596 (CIMB) Majlis Pengakap Daerah Serian.

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