Chilled Out! Restaurant, Kuching

Ever thought of having a nice family dinner in a fancy enclosed, safe environment with air conditioning suitable for both you and your little ones? If you don't know what I am talking about, read on and let me introduce one more place to add in your long listed of places to eat in Kuching.


Nope. That's just not me asking you to chill. That is just one fancy restaurant names located in the Spring Mall, 2nd Floor just in front of MBO Cinemas. You know, the one next to Kidz Paradize Playground. It is Sarawak First Ever Kids Friendly restaurant, where both adults and kids can enjoy the whole outing together making it the most enjoyable family bonding experience ever.

Chilled Out! is a restaurant with a Difference!
It is a child friendly restaurant, focusing on kids and educational plays a key role as well. With a superb child friendly atmosphere, all families will have a great dining as food is more than a necessity where it brings people together whether its connecting with old friends, meeting new interest or just bonding. Chilled out! pride itself for delivering only the best wholesome meals in a most enjoyable and worthwhile environment that is safe, healthy and with lots of educational value for the kids. 

Entrance Chilled Out! Restaurant


⏩ Cater for all event (birthday party, family reunion, company event etc)
The place itself already is great and fun and attractive, plus the food is super great with large portion and reasonable price. What more reasons do you need to cater event here? Hop on the ride enjoy it while you can. The place can hold up to 70 peoples at one time, or 80. If your willing to sit on the low stool for kids. As for me? I don't think I mind though. I might even consider to sit on the floor and make myself comfortable as I wouldn't want to miss having/attending party, reunion yada yada yada here. True story 😉😉
Oh, they have buffet options if you guys prefer buffer than ala carte.

⏩ Special corner for kids dine in 

Chilled Out! Restaurant even provide a table for little ones, with cute little chairs and tables. Refer to the picture below. Wouldn't you want to sit there yourself?

There's also another table inside the playroom/classroom in case there's not enough table for the little ones outside, especially during events.

⏩Kids Playroom area for kids to play and learn fun educational activities 

There's a playroom area or classroom, for the kids to play and learn through fun activities assist by the workers there while the parent can still enjoy their meals or they can join in and have fun together with their kids. 

For example there's an activity call Rain Cloud in A Jar and Aqua Jar.

Rain Cloud in a Jar is basically making something like a rain with colors but obviously its in a jar. It looks very colorful and pretty actually. Let your kids run their pretty fingers playing with colors and making colored rain!

Aqua Jar actually looks more like snow globe to me but instead of snow in a globe, they made it in a jar and obviously with water hence the name Aqua Jar fill with marine life toys. 

Play This Video to see some of the activities your little one can do! 


⏩ Weekend Fun Educational Activities for Kids and Family During Weekend

Beside the activities mention above they also have other activities such as coloring, drawing, baking.
They usually collect and keep the drawings and display them in the playroom. Our little one need to be appreciate and I think this is really one of the best ways to show our appreciation to them. They will feel happy and excited to know their hard-work is being seen by others.

Normal activities usually will be held in the playroom/classroom unless heavy activity like baking or anything involved water, it will be held at the rear room somewhere near the kitchen and watchroom (Bilik Tinjau)

The activity is more like ongoing activity, anytime you guys went to the restaurant on certain dates, your little one can participate in their activity for the day with reasonable price. Read more on what the activities they have for this October 2017.

Watch Room (Bilik Tinjau)

Activity Room at the back

Kids Playroom

⏩ Nursery Room Complete With Toddler's Facilities 

I think nursery room is a plus point for this restaurant. You don't have to worry if you need to change your babies diaper or a place to nurse your little one. There's just a place around the corner


Add caption

⏩ Special Pastry and Kid's Menu in Kid's Style 

For now, they using the old menu for kids only with wording. But if I'm not mistaken I heard they are going to update the menu with more pictures which for me is more suitable for kids to see cause kids do love 'pictionaries' and I think they are more understanding to see pictures rather than words.

Take a look at their variety menu for kids and even babies!

⏩ Kids Now Can Create Their Own Meal Set With Our Special Kids Menu

 Don't forget you heard about this from me! LOL

From this month onwards, kids can customised their own meals with what main meal they want, the side dish and drinks.

With each order of custom meals, your little one stand a chance to get cool homemade craft, depends on the organizer for the day. It can be either cute handkerchief or bookmarks from ice cream sticks and among other things.

⏩ Discounts. Discounts. Discounts!! 

Do you know that Kidz Paradize, VH Green Nature Park@Matang and Chilled out! Family Restaurant are all sister company. That means you can get discount everytime you go to one of the place or even better to all the place. It is like when you go here, you get something from there and when you go there, you got something from here etc

Discount for student is up to 20% provided they show their ID card from school or college. Not the name tag card ok? LOL. I checked with them No name tag is acceptable for discount.

Visitors from sister company (Kidz Paradize and VH Green Nature Park) can get 10% discount voucher if they buy family package from the park and that voucher can be use and redeem at the Chilled Out! Restaurant and 20% discount redeemable when they buy day pass ticket from the Kidz Paradize.

The same rules apply when you dine at the restaurant, if you spend RM50 at the restaurant, you'll get RM10 discount at Kidz Paradize. and free day pass if spend more than RM100. Cool huh? To think about it, you actually get more than what you bargain. (You have to check again about this promo with the restaurant itself. T&C might change anytime after this posting)

The Sister Company

So come and check it out with your little one. New activities waiting for you guys here this October!

My Perspective:

Their concept is superb, as they want kids to be kids, you know kids nowadays are way too eager to grow up. We the adults who want to be kids again. Get it? They are too heavy on the digital media nowadays on gadget like phone, tab etc.

So, they are making a colorful restaurant setup to attract kids and trying to make the restaurant not only to fulfill our stomach requirement😋 but for fun and educational as well.

It is like we're back to basic,  restaurant with reading corner you can sit there and have a story time with your kids.
Even the workers say,  if some of the kids were crying,  they will try to comfort them and read books to them although they said 90% of the times,  they failed. Lol. But you know,  its the thought that counts.

While dining in with the representative from the HQ last Saturday (October 7, 2017), sometimes even they themselves will go to the field (restaurant) to teach and guide the kids to do all the activities, not too heavy on the syllabus but more to fun and interacting ways to attract kids to learn.

Every Saturday they even have a lucky kids to be chosen randomly from the customer. 2 kids to be exact to eat for free. Yes you read this right. FOR FREE. But its random people, so you wouldn't know, but the chances is there so grab your bag and bring your kids down to the mall now. You might be in luck this week.

And additionally, in one month, they will be 2 times or 4 times, I forget about this (SO SORRY), they will put like a mystery gift below the table. Yes, the table that you sit on that day. This is a surprise as well, so you wouldn't know and again, take your chances people. Don't you feel excited? If suddenly you sitting on the table with mysterious gift and your kids get chosen for the free meal. Double yay~! Maybe you get free ticket or even 50% discount? You wouldn't know. So what's the harm right?

Follow their Facebook Page for ongoing Promotion, they will announced it in the facebook from time to time cause they will announce through ONLINE only.

And thank you for the invites by Chilled Out! Spring, we are able to taste few of their main dishes and snacks.

Chicken & Lamb Combo RM32

Chic & Chop on Grilled RM20

Chic & Chop on Grilled RM20

Australian Lamb Chop RM32

Sauce Choices. Since  I can't decide what to eat. Lol. So I'm trying all 4 sauce. Teriyaki, bbq, Mushroom and blackpepper. 

Pinocchio Pasta Carbonara RM8

Pasta Carbonara RM17
Nasi Lemak Chicken Curry RM12

Stuffed Chicken Wing RM9

Stuffed Chicken Wing (Minced Chicken, Minced Shrimp, Mushroom, Vege)

Their Signature Drink: Lemongrass

Herbs for the drinks

Restaurant Setup

and last but not least. One for the memories!
Cheers from us Sarawak Bloggers 🙋🙋

Since everyone updated already. You guys can check out what other bloggers think about this restaurant outlet from the link below.




Until next time 😘😘


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