RWMF 2017 - The General Idea

For the first day of the festival, I can't make it for the workshop in the afternoon due to some unexpected things arise but I'm driving as fast as I can after that (don't follow this example guys) for the night performance at the Rainforest Jungle Stage & Tree Stage and boy do I am glad I can make it.

Before I go on more about the night performance. Let me tell you a little bit about the festival this year. The festival is organised by Sarawak Tourism Board and supported by Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia and Ministry of Tourism, Art Culture, Youth & Sports Sarawak. As usual, Rainforest World Music Festival is being held at the famous Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching.
Well, if you ask me, there is no better place to held the festival. Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) is what they called the "Living Museum" as you can experience and see it yourself the Sarawak's ethnic diversity at glance and have an experienced that calms the mind and connects the soul in a greener jungle. 

There are quite a handful of sponsors this year. We have Malaysia Airlines, Zurich Insurance & Takaful, Maxis as the telco partners, Cahya Mata Sarawak, Sarawak Energy, Culture Club Kuching and many others. This year also, Grab has been introduced as Official Transport Provider. So it is actually quite easy for people to go to the festival or going back from the festival aside from the shuttle van service and shuttle bus service provided.

The festival usually emphasizes on the performing arts and preservation of culture. It is also done to deliver a world class event that will generates revenue and profits to the business community, sponsors and individual in and around Kuching. Some consider it a musical space for when the whole festival is going on as you are being served a 3 nights of world music genres (from talented musician all around the world) and interactive afternoon workshop. It was called interactive for a reason. Usually after they telling you a little bit about their musical history, they will teach you how to play the instruments or even their dance move and you guys can get on your feet and start swaying around.

There are 2 outdoor stages ready for the grand premiere performance at night time (Jungle and Tree Stage), one indoor stage (Theatre Stage) for afternoon shows and daily drum circle by so that people can enjoy and make music spontaneously with whoever are in the crowds. I mean really spontaneously, you just start to play any musical instruments that you bring or provided drums. (No drumming experience necessary) You just need to be brave and approach the circle, start playing and get in touch with you inner rhythm! Oh, don't forget to have fun and it is one from many many ways to meet like-minded people during the festivals. Young and old are welcomed! No judgement here. I swear. Hehe..

Jungle Stage, Tree Stage & Arena Ground

Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe at the Theatre Stage

There are several place that known as Food and village mart that selling variety of cuisine include local and international foods as well as festival items. They also have Rainforest World Craft Bazaar alongside the festival. They are selling traditional arts and crafts from various tribes Borneo and international.

Ok. Back the food section again here (haha i know i know. I'm a big fan of food. So, sue me!)
They're having a wide range of foods  this year and they also have Asia Food Kitchen (AFK).

Asia Food Kitchen will be a section hosted by East Asia Tourism Forum (EATOF). From this area, there will be chef from Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. So there a lot of choices if we wanna try different taste kind of dish both local and international. For our own local food, focus willbe on these three communities which are the Bidayuh food, Orang Ulu Food, and Chinese Food as well. This is a rare chance people. We have to grab it on the go!

Various menu available from the booth of The Federation of Chinese Associations near the Chinese Farmhouse

One of my fav pie in Kuching. So lucky they also open during RWMF. You must try this!

Tapai with Ice Cream. I love this!

There are around 300 medias covering the event both local and international. So you can imagine, how big the festival can be. I would like to take this opportunity also to extend my grateful to the volunteers for the festival especially those who keep on coming years after years. They really are the big part of the festival itself. Without them, the festival will not be at where  they are today. Like really, I saw them going here and there trying to keep the festival site clean, arranging things before any performances started and so many other things. You guys are the best!

Bear in mind that this is actually a family friendly festival. They have a lots of activities and workshops for the children to participate as well. So, don't hesitate to bring your children here. What way's better to mingle with your children other than participating in outdoor activities like this?

Credit Sarawak Tourism Board

Credit Sarawak Tourism Board

Credit Sarawak Tourism Board

Credit Sarawak Tourism Board

What I like about the festival, even with their vast crowds coming in every seconds, they really trying to make the place as clean as possible. Maybe this is because of how they started using the waste management system. and of course of their volunteers hardwork!

I heard that they started using the waste management, recycling and composing last year and they keep on going to use it this year and I hope for more years ahead. It is good way to teach people the value of cleanliness and hope the people that come to the festival can make that as a habit to recycle things and not just simply dump it anywhere. They are encouraging the use of eco friendly utensils at the village mart as well.

What's new for the 20th Anniversary?
They have a lot of new  things in store for the anniversary this year. Aside from, that every site will be occupied, from the food area, like the village mart and pop out through out the village. There are so many booth available.

Traditional Foot Reflexology and Foot Massage.



Health And Wellness Program
For their health and wellness program this year, STB have provided us with wide variety of program. From Capoeira to Samba, Body Combat, Tai-Chi, Budokan Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha and Yin  Yiga, Vipassana Meditation, Vibration Meditation and Home Therapy & Zumba! I actually looking forward to join and watch the Capoeira but when I get there, they actually done demo. Like only in a short time. So,  yeah. quite disappointing to my part.

Well, I can't say much about others as I didn't manage to get through all the workshop but I tell you one that I know and manage to went too. The Silat workshop.

Credit Sarawak Tourism Board

Credit Sarawak Tourism Board

 I actually quite excited to went for the Silat Demo as I was once practice Silat myself. It still runs in my blood and boy I still get excited if I need to be in the field for it.
Silat is actually an art of self defense that use full body fighting form incorporating strikes, grappling and throwing. Every part of the body can be used as a way to attack and subject to attack as well.  There is no overall standard for Pencak Silat. Each style has its own particular movement patterns, specially designed techniques and tactical. Do you know that Silat has a lot of different team itself. I'm not quite sure the one at the festival, but based on their movement, my guess would be they are from Spring 12? but one of the trainer looks like from  Hidayah Melayu. Ahh... my bad for not getting in time to be in touch with them. I'll get back to this later again next time. but do know that it is one of the many groups under Rumpun Silat Sarawak.

Camping Site

 I bet most of you guys try to land any room during RWMF but couldn't make it? Either its already fully booked or the priced bursting like a rocket launch to the moon during the events. LOL.
Worry not. You actually have another options which is going camping.

When I say camping. I literally means Camping like with the tent, ground level, grass, stars and sky as the roof (well, if you look outside of your tent).
If you renting the tent, if I'm not mistaken it will cost you RM74 and if you bringing your own tent, so u just rent the lot itself, it cost around RM42. But bear in mind if you use ur own tent, there will be no palette for you. It will only provide to those renting the ground and tent altogether.
 Below are the image of the camp site and gif of behind the scene. To provide more for people, I heard they even buy a new tent cause the demand keep on coming in.

Behind the scene the crew of DCEC preparing tent for the newcomer.

I've been spending a little time in the tent myself. Its quite spacious (it actually have 2 size, small or big. If ur alone, you can just rent the smaller one, if you 2 person, there's another tent perfect for you guys.

Me Sitting inside the tent. ignore the legs please

Ouh.. Extra pic. DCEC Crew packing the shirts and bags to distribute to all the performers

I'll get back to you with another entry. More pictures and videos coming in. See you!!


  1. Too bad I am not exactly able to attend the rwmf. Anyway, Im glad you enjoyed it, and i do hope you'd have an even better experience next year, if you decide to go again.

    btw, do consider enlarging your photos eyh.. cute gilak nok ada sitok.. hehehe

    1. This is really late reply. but I keep on thinking that i already replied everything here. haha.. so here it goes. Yes. thank you. I'm enjoying it cause you know. maybe because its my first time. And if given another chances and no other things arise during the moment. I might go again.

      and how small is it the picture here actually? cause when I look at my part here. It is quite big

  2. Looks like it's a lot more happening this year... Not sure what tapai is, but I googled and it's some kinda fermented food? Anyway, I agree with Cyril... Your pics need enlargement pills haha ;P

    1. yes. it's a fermented rice. Quite nice if u try it. Well depends also cause some people really can't take it. hehe... how small is it?? from my pc view here its quite big

  3. Rindu ehh ngan RWMF... but unfortunately komitmen masa...

    seriously suka the camping part... but dolok i just do car-camping... hahahha.. seronok ngenang...

    1. ktk tido dalam kereta kah dolok? hahaha aieh. tahan nyawa ktk aieh. sine ktk mandik time ya? ka ada numpang bilit org? maybe we'll met at next time pun rwmf

  4. It was my first time ever not going for the whole three days despite being part of the organisers for this festival.
    Had to pack up on the last day, Sunday and I missed the grand finale where all the performers took their final bow.

    1. I know right. The grand finale performance is so awesome. Aww.. its alright. Commitment masa kan. NExt time then.

  5. Your post is making me missing rwmf so much!!! (Which reminds me I need to post up mine somewhere soon 😛). Also thanks for covering about the tents! It was one of my last option if STB didn't offer us a room, but I think bringing your own tent is much more worth it; especially when you have your own waterproof tarp and everything. Also capoeira was cut short out of their time. I missed their demo too :(

    1. i know right! i miss it as well. But then, they said if you bring your own tent, they don't provide you with the pallet for the platform. Unless you don't mind though. Cause from what I heard during those 3 days events, some really do mind. But on the other hand, our own waterproof tarp and everything is like much better option. Why capoeira was cut short??


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