My Rambling Being the Virgin to Rainforest World Music Festival 2017

This year Rainforest World Music Festival that held on 14-16th July 2017 is their 20th anniversary and as usual it was held at the captivating breathless place that is know as The Living Museum in South East Asia,  Sarawak Cultural Village.

One reason why I think it is always the best place to organize RWMF every year is because of all of their unique attraction such as the Bidayuh Longhouse, Iban Longhouse, Orang Ulu Longhouse, Chinese Farmhouse, Melanau Tall House, Malay House, Penan Hut, Rainforest Music House, Persada Alam and Persada Ilmu. All of which can be entered and experience by one self who attend the festival with the add ons on few more other things such as food festival which offer varieties of irresistible both traditional and moden menus. There are also a craft bazaar all around the village especially at Melanau Tall House and Malay House. You can get all sort of different kind of beads that turns into all kinds of accessories and the line up of performers that are ready to rock your world.

This year RWMF have added so many new things such as the Wellness Program.  This includes yoga, meditation, the famous Capoeira martial art that was created by West African slaves in Brazil, Samba, Zumba and not forgetting the local martial art known as Silat that is a recognized Malay art of self defense presented by one of the Silat Team from Rumpun Silat Sarawak.

For the first timer to this festival (RWMF Virgin), yes yes I know. I've been missing all the fun for the past 20 years. But hey, at least I'm here for their 20th Anniversary and it was a blast I tell you.
Mind that they are always a stereotype people talking about how a hijab girl is going to attend an festival like this as some of the local said it was a festival with license to club all night and at open space.  Well, it was how you perceive it and handle it.

For me?

Are you kidding me?

Why not man? Its a music festival. 

This festival was like one of my want to do list all my life and I never get a chance to do it before.

And when Sarawak Tourism Board & Sarawak Bloggers extend their invitation to a small catch bloggers like myself. It is just crazy not to grab it.

Forget what people think or say especially the negative things about it. WE are here to focus on the positive vibes and to miss a total of 25 both local and international very talented musicians. I just can't imagine it. Your life must be so pack in a small space for not wanting to mingle around and open your eyes to all the new things. This is just my personal opinion. Being a first timer to a big festival like this is an eye opener for me furthermore my love for music and arts make me fall in love big time every second I was in the festival.
Don't get fool by how do I bring myself. I get scared. But I also get lucky as I have few acquaintance with me for the festival.

Give a big applause to Alyssa, LadyBird Eileen and Pei Pei all the way from Miri Blogger.
You guys can check them out at their blog about their experience as well. I know they can tell a tale way better than me. Really!

It is nice to at least have some-three person accompany me sometimes.

I actually doesn't know how and where to start about all this.

How to start telling about the festival itself. How do I feel. What gets me excited.

I have a few favorite performers already on my mind & heart after watching their perform lives on stage.

They take my breath away. Enough said. I will try to upload some of the video and photos during the festival. You know they say pictures tell a thousand words don't they?

Before the festival itself. I have been googling on what should I wear, what should I bring. What to expect and all that stuff. I am lucky I did that before hand. I would not expect to prepare myself a raincoat (duhh) but I did. Thanks to all the blogpost and when it start pouring on the second day of the festival. I have a blast! But it gets too cold that I have to excuse myself.

And due to work also I miss some of the big part for the festival especially the workshop on first day. But boy do I feel lucky I didn't miss the concert at night. I would feel devastated to miss the energetic performance.

Update you guys again later. with lots of pictures and videos. I promise!


  1. Every year I keep telling myself that I want to go to the Rainforest Music Festival but each new year comes, I fail to purchase the tickets :-( Glad to read that you enjoyed the festival - i saw the pics on FB and Twitter, they looked so much fun! Fingers crossed, I make it there for the 21st anniversary :-)

    1. You should be there for the 21th anniversary. THere are so many things to covered. and I don't think one year is enough. Need to come back for more ^_^

  2. Sarawak Bloggers is all about helping you grow as a blogger, as an influencer and as a person. Im glad u took up the chance. Join us for more activities in the future!


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