Tips on Serian Scout Run 2017

Hey guys, excited about the upcoming Serian Scout Run this weekend? Don't forget to bring your best smiles and fun attitudes along!

Beside, what is the best way to get rid of all that raya excess phatbulous 'baggage' in our body?

RUN with friends and families. Lol.

First of all, thank you to those participating in the run on 8th July 2017 which is this weekend.
Here's a few tips on Serian Scout Run that you guys must take note. It is for your own convenience and safety. We care about you guys alot. (Seriously! Scouts honor!)

A. Those residing in Kuching or registered in Kuching, please claim your race pack from the Brooks, Green Height Mall on 6 July 2017.

B. Those residing in Serian can claim their racepack on 7 July at 2 pm in Serian Mini Stadium.

C. Participants can park their vehicles at the following parking spaces - Serian market/hall, St Theresa/Masjid Serian. We would advise you not to park by the roadside as it may cause massive traffic jam or unwanted incidents.

D. Do not leave any valuables inside your vehicles. We wish to avoid theft. Please be at the stadium as early as 5am especially to those who have not collected their Scout Run t-shirts.

E. Wear Serian Scout Run Tshirts during the registration and run. Please don't forget to bring along your Bibs (participant numbers). Without the bibs, you will not be able to claim your medals. We are very strict on this.

F. If you are bringing along your children, please stay close with them at all time. While running, be alert of your surroundings for any vehicles or dogs passing by. Always put safety first.

G. You can enjoy a band performance, win attractive lucky draw prizes and take photo with our beautiful wall of fame, so, stay a while after the run.

H. Finally, enjoy the run and shout about it. Should there be any shortcomings, pls contact us personally so that we can improve our future run.

Final meeting with Mr Yunus Apok (Serian District Education Officer), Mr Gerard (SAO) and Mr Yahya (Rev Run Co)

We all work hard to make sure you guys deserve the best. So have fun and we will see you this weekend at Serian Mini Stadium 

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