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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


only guys know what other guys were thinking... am i wrong?

dont you just happy to have such a great and wonderful friends or foe around you? :D

friendship is something that we cannot find stumble upon anywhere on the street, friends always there either you need them or not. They will be there when you don't ask for them, and they surely beside you when you need them the most.
just don't walk over it, someday you'll realize what your missing.....

Have you?

penah sik tokrang rasa :-

* you didnt belong to this someone?but yet this someone has give you the best of them to you.
*you feel like you want to cry your hearts and your eyes out everytime you miss someone or something?
*you feel helpless and dont know what to do, yet there is actually a way out in front of your eyes. its just that you cant choose that path as it leads to someone's pain.
*you dont care if you, yourself is hurt. but you dont want to hurt anyone else. Especially those who gave given you the best.
*you feel like everyone around you hated you
*there's no where else to go, and you feel alone eventhough there's a crowd surrounding you.
*you feel that there is no point of pointing to the truth.
*you just want to be alone yet you need someone by your side.
*you need motivation badly.
*you feel cra-zy?

Monday, June 29, 2009

i have no idea for the title

its been a long and tired weekend, but really enjoyable :D seriously, its been a long time since i've spent my precious time with my friends~ my lovely friends.... oh ya.. n my cuzzy of course.
spending my early morning with my cuzzy, kayo2, beli samsung charger... coz dia patahkan her mom's charger.. need to replace it before her mom found out, erm... but... i guess her mom will found out sooner or later coz the new charger is BLACK while the ori charger is GRAY :D
gewd luck with that fhana~! hehehe...
then.... around 10am we go to cineplex to buy TRANSFORMER tickets!! HAVE TO HAVE TO!!! COMPULSARY! :D
step out of the lift then in shock.... >.< adoh mak.. pjg nya Q towk.. but nevermind.. bak kata my cuzzy, usaha tangga kejayaan! direct dr kua lif smpy kaunter... fuh... xpa2... demimu transformer..
beli pukul 10 for 2.30pm movies.... well, i wanna see a little early, but dah full.. ne lah gaya oww...
nak nangga malam.... my cuzzy sekpat pulang lewat.... after beli tiket.... jalan2 lok.. kayo sia sitok .. ngu masa.. nak g makan.. alang2 gu my xoxo and my other friends..
then around 12.30 we all g simply sedap makan sia...
nang one of my favourite place actually, i love the butter chicken rice there... very2 yummy~~hehehe
so. aku, aina and xoxo makan butter chicken, air bandung and 5 layer tea... while fhana makan apa tek ow... adeh.. lupak.. ermm.... sweet and sour i think .... ehehehe
after makan, begaut g cineplex.. apa tek .. timing movie dah nak stat...~~ ne apat misss!!!
bak kata fhana.. nya mok tga dari time nyaiklan gik..
smpy jak d cineplex.. adoh mak.. penoh nya manusia.... movie padah jam 2.30...
2.30 mek org maseh gk d luar ..
aroun 2.40 bok apat masok .. cause they give no gap between movies.. mmg amik untong lah korang tok oww...
dan movies disahkan bermula around 2.45 or 2.50 kot.. dah sik lalek gk dah janji movies dah start.. yg laleknya.. org maseh lalu lalang carik seat time ya.. yg sidak cinema ya pun satu oww.. tauk org lom abis masok .. maseh half gik still lalu lalang berekot.... ncarik seat.. erm.... sabar t sabar... hehehe ..
but overall, nice lar.. very NICE.. incredibly AMAZING!! with huge robots... all the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICON.. semua nya besszz!!!
plus.. the veteran decepticon yang dah murtad jadi autobot... with the tongkat .. ehehehehe ...
and oh... the cute autobots dats deffinitely being a pervert with the heroin.. hahaha.. but so cute.... definitely worth watching it..
and since my niece and nephew keep on demanding me to bring them for a movie, ohhhh yes transformer....
i will be back again ... :D

and PEOPLE!!! i have BUMBLE BEE from petronass~~~ pergh..... yg dissapointed sikit .... its too small..... aaaaaa.... xpa2.... later i'll built it myself...


thing dat make me sooOOooo tired is... after seeing transformerss that ends around 5 something... terus anta aina and fhana balit.. then me n xoxo terus balik to packing some stuffs.. arrive home around 6.45.. kemas2... and around 7.30 dah jalan balik.. amik xoxo, sue, chima, kuza and uncle to go to serpan.... serpan....

tauk sik sine serpan? mun sik tauk tanyak org .. ehehehe well, kmk org jadi jurulatih sinun aja silat.. perghhh.. ilmu dirik sik cukup nak ajar org.. cmne kah ow?? nasiblah .. ada sikit3 ilmu ya... blehlah sikit.. nak banyak2.. sekpat.. eheheheheheh

smpy d serpan around 9... terus turun ngaja until midnyte....

kelak lah cita pasal d serpan owww.... dah mok kol 12 tok ... tired gilak2 .......
gtg peeepsss.... salaamm...


gewdnyte all.. muahsssss

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Piece to Pieces

erm... actually this thing has happen long time ago. not really long.. middle of this month.
my cam.. my digital camera.. broken into pieces.

the story :
- my family and i were having quality time at home, sitting together, staring at each other(hehehe), playing some stupid and kiddies games with my lovely niece and nephews.
- go inside my room and get the camera to capture the special moments
- *click*click*click* here and there
- go to the toilet (camera left on the tv)
-back from toilet to cont my 'clicking' but then...........

*TUUUUUTTTT* [sensed]

all i can say is.... my cam, from one piece to many pieces



the reason for my title is.. i hate all my friends for seeing transformer without me. then show off to me how cool and super duper amazing it is. gggrrrr.... it's still early morning dude and dudette~!!! come on!
bla bla bla... gotta see it by hook or by crook .. i don't care. but i bet there is still too many people for today. it is movie day, and the premier of Transformer. *sigh*

patience zaty.. patience.... soon.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a - z

i've seen the Terminator Salvation that day. it's a VERY VERY interesting movies. but its quite nice. its not too boring and not too dull. before i seen this movie people said that this movie is kinda boring with lots of talking, crapping and bu*****t. but as i see it,

NOT BAD... seriously.. its not bad. why do they comment such thing at the movie? well, from there u can see that, don't judge the movie by the critism :P
now i have another movie still coming on my list.. Transformer will be showing in 2 days. i havent see the Night at the Museum yet but i guess i just borrow the DVD from my niece.
i see another commercial yesterday.... HARRY POTTER! a must see movie ... and.. erm.. whats another one.. i kinda forgot. TRANSFORMER is a must... NO DOUBT on it .. but yet i still have another movie.. but now seems cant think any of it.i keep u guys updated later k.

movie is not the only thing i wanna crapping today, its been so many things happen... lets have some of the keyword, happiness, trust, loyalty, honesty, betrayal

all the keywords must be familiar for u guys. who doesnt want happiness? who do not want to be trust? who don't want to be loyal or people be loyal to them... and who doesnt want the honesty in their life? call me, msg me if u think u dont want it. i be amazingly excited to know why.
my topic for today is that i want to know, how and what do u guys feel if someone u really care, someone u really do care do not have can be so hurting u ? not physically but mentally. you've been saying nothing .. nothing but the TRUTH. you've been so honest they still don't trust you instead trusting the so call instinct and some other else that is being so batu api. How do you guys feel when you being betrayed by someone you care, someone who used to hang out with u 24 7. i know all of you guys out there has been through all this.. me too. not once, not twice.. not even three times. but so many times. so many times that sometimes i don't know if i can even trust any other in my life, so many times that i don't think i can handle it anymore.
sometimes i think ... no, not THINK. but i LOVE being a lone ranger. no one bothering, no one care.
but i don't like it.. really.
who likes being alone ? no one.. not even YOU...
naa... i lose all my point right now. i'll continue later if i got any. or i wont. depends.

this post has nothing to do with anything... (......)
i'm just feeling like typing.. and typing but im out of ideas already.

to all.. i love u... (especially my family and friends)

to all that seem to have so many bad things to say about me...[keep on, i would love to hear another rumour... cant wait for it.. keep me informed ;) ]

Friday, June 5, 2009

Movie List of the Month

My priority for this month


but i have some feedback from my friend saying that terminator is boring. to much crappy talky thingy... oh hell.. i guess i have to see it for my self to know the truth ...

and this movie, they says its the best.. but better in DVD.... not worth in cinema..

have any of u guys see it ?

any other suggestion movies for now ?