a letter for you

salam... ari tok tek, i have received a long distance call from my long lost friends. so post kali tok adalah untuk sidak memandangkan sidak ada visit blog tok but understand nothing in it... and yes.. NOTHING.. hehee so.. here goes nothing ...

to my dear, dear friends,
sarah, marcus, luna, clansy, trevor, scott, lyne, leena, shane, norton, lizzie, adwin, seth and other who i did not mention, doesnt mean i forget you guys kay ?

how can u ever forget that we're suppose to have our date that night together? (names listed above) we were suppose to kick in and laugh and cry our hearts out. yeah, you guys lucky to be involved in that trip. it was a best trip EVER! so cool that you can be a part of it all. With tons of stories and bunch of pictured. i barely can stop myself from wondering how the story will goes. i hope you guys can come in soon, but its not Australia. and yes it seems that i have forgotten how lovely rash guard can lines can be. (I think you had the right idea)
and i was cleaning up my room the other day and stumbled upon a certain drawing that you guys made for me!! lol.. sad that i didnt get to say goodbye to you guys before. do you miss malaysia after all? or you miss australia even more? i left swinburne like ages ago and yes my trip to melbourne was canceled. im still wishing thats its just a nightmare. but im getting older by seconds and i know i must FACE the ugly truth. thanks to you guys cause reminding me today... :D :D :D :D :D

kinda miss the life back then huh?

to sarah :
so when are you coming to germany? tomorrow i hope coz i know adrian is awaiting for your arrival. you two make such a sweet lovebirds ya know. and your internet is having everyone's crazy since they say ur in and out all over. anyway it was GREAT talking to you all. PRECIOUS!!
too bad i couldnt write well because im too sleepy! sorry for that :D

thank you for getting me through what would have been the most boring part of my life. you then made it the most fun part.

i'll be waiting for you guys to return in January (if what seth told me was true)
i'll be here for sure with you know who. well, its worth the wait and thanks for that.

to adwin :
thanks and your hot too!i miss you like the hibernating bears miss roaming the woods and finding foods. but i miss my love even more. you drop to fifth ... sorry for thath *evil grin*

thanks again for that long distance called and im not sure how much will that cost cause im not the one whose paying it!! lol
its been ages man. i'll introduce u to him once u landed here. if we did make to that point thoo.

gtg, i have to go now.. im not that goody evil person that can laze around dorm anymore ya know???! i have works to do!! lol..seriously.. i MISS YOU GUYS!! how times been flying ~
send my regards to the others and tell them how i miss those crazy times too. come back to malaysia if u must. i cant go there unless u pay for my expenses.. aight! have a nice time geek!!

will be posting second letter LATER!


D as in denial ?


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