old friend never get too old

hai all!! happy monday~ erm.. weekend i cannot blog anything as i have so much things to do, that friday, i have works to do and stuck at my office until 10.45pm..
obviously i miss the gathering at farah's... (claim tapau ngn farah lok ehs)

on my way back, one of my mate in swinburne call me and asked if i would like to have a date with her... and i say what? if i got nothing else to do, how can i turn out any invitation like dat? especially not from someone dat i havent met for so long.

well then, i asked her to name me the place and she suggest that we met at aroma cafe. (sik penah pegi sia, bepusing2 ncarik sine)

so then, this is her. she is my junior in swinburne because she's in a semester late from me. but we're basically on a same class on certain subject. and she's older then me too :D :D yes, i miss those good old days. classes, wake up early morning (or not), escape classes, torturing the lecturer, met new friends.. etc
oh.. im started to miss all my friends thoo..... .

erm... ngam2 sampey d sia nak... since i never been there, i try to taste the butter chicken. but seriously, its not satisfying. im not saying that its not good. but i have better. and i like butter chicken at simply sedap more.. been there?

and also this mushroom soup... delicious.. ~

so we talk all night..... and i still thinking about farah's food.... hehehehehehe (tapau sigerrrr lok) agik juak tek nak.. hehehe


  1. one nice place to dine for butter chicken would be Frappe dekat padungan area.. you should try there, not only the price is affordable, ambience pun relaxing..:)

  2. Frappe? never heard of it.. sine ow...


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