BiG sMiLE and BiG GriN (^_^)v

2:42 PM
i've receive something special 2 days back. very2 nice and in a big wrapping. well.. i got too excited and unwrap it and put in it something nice and place it on..somewhere... nicer... ehehe.. then i realize that... "why didnt i take the picture 1st before i unwrap it all and share it to others?"
aaa..crap... hehehe... itu cuma kerana saya terlalu gembira... really2 happy to received this.

anyway.. thanks to YOU! yes.. to all of my bloggers friend, either yang baru kenal, or dah lama kenal tapi buat-buat tak kenal, either we ever talk or not, either we still sms-ing each other or not. and to my silent reader too. i cant give one to everyone in here... so.. i just share the picture to u. you guys made my days when im down. made me smile when i dont have the feeling to do so. made me laugh by your words and made me jeolous with all the pictured you post :D i did give the actual roses to few of my friends, cause i got in a big bulk. this is what left and im giving it to YOU. thank you fellow bloggers ...
Thats the reason for my BIG SMILE


this is the reason for my BIG GRIN

i get myself a 'hearing aid' (errr) hehehe.... and it cost me rm30 :D :D
why shouldnt i have both BIG GRIN and BIG SMILE??


  1. Yer... happy nya eh...berik sikit smiles & grin2 ngan kmk lok.

  2. sapa merik tekkk?lamak dah mek xpat bunga eh..hehe

  3. heheh... mstikot.. mun dapat d share mmg mek share berik ngn semua nak ow.. hope ktk getting better...

    hehe.. spa berik? erm... bos! hehehe... yaka ? mek sik penah.. hehe.

  4. kmk pernah diberik bunga koh..masa mek meli kat keday..mek milih kak ya merik duit, nya pun nyerah bunga nak dipilih mek tek...tedah piluk ati haahha

  5. hehehehe pey wak piluk ati bunyi ktk ya. suruh MR.amoi berik.. aie.. ada ka amoi mister?


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