4:54 PM
my Target...

as in one in over zero percent of 7 people ... get it ?

its like this one to seven people try to handle or should i say get rid of 4 to 9 person ...
not in one full time.. but slowly and step by step. its like.. killing at night while your sleeping.

oh... i guess.

we all have to try right ?

the aim is at least i can befriend with just 5 to eight? or less? i dont think so..
sometimes they say less is better..
do u agree?

Its :
10 December 2009 [Thursday]
Mark as Day 1

or tomorrow
11 December 2009 [Friday]
as Day 1

let see ... if i have the guts!

do u have the guts?

ok!! dah cukup...

-the end-


  1. gut feeling... hehe...neng..neng...mee udon..mee udon

  2. cer tok neng?? ehekkk...dgr lagu pasti la kita kaktok...

  3. agak mengkompiuskan..sila terangkan lagi pls eheh

  4. khaisha:
    i gut feeling ka ? aok aok .. sik mek lupak janji ktk nak chia mek mee udon k... :D D:

    err?? pa cer? err.. er.. cerit hanss... yerr... lagu pasti ? sapa mbak ?

    fel :
    erm.. akan d elaborate kemudian hari .. eheh. nang saja bagi explanation cmya

    cik epal :
    ye saya ?


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