kerismes sepirit~

2:17 PM
Laa...La...Laa... hehehe.... Selamat Hari Natal semua! especially to those who celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas to you guys!

Yesterday, didorong dengan perasaan yang teramatlah bosan. xoxo&me goes around the city just to hang out. we dont feel like spending money to movies, karaoke etc. coz, we're like doing it, everyweek?
ehehe. jadi minggu ya, bercutilah sebentar.
so, we go to Boulevard instead cause he never been there. Dan semalam dalam sejarah, nya menjejakkan kai ke boulevard. jalan-jalan, pusing-pusing, window shopping, aiming something here and there dan berazam untuk kembali on the next pay day :D
then we heard sound of a bell. a very loud one and getting nearer to the place we're standing...
then suddenly he said "HAI SANTA!!" and i was like..... huh?? sambil tengok muka nya dengn blur. he just shrugged and point at one direction then i saw these :-

hehehe... no wonder pun... christmas is near and the spirit of christmas is rising high.

then its time for them to go

carefull snowman... golek2 jatuh lak ... hehehe

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