Life in a lemons world

2:22 PM
When LIFE gives you lemon, you gives them lemonade. Or else, when life keeps on giving you lemons, ask for more then become a lemon trader. Sell lemons at a very low price compare to the prevailing market price. With all that money, build a company which sells lemon and become an international lemon selling brand. You'll be having profits in no times, maybe in billions. Become rich and keep asking life for more lemons!!!

Get it???

Life is not how they treat you. Life is all about how you see them. Twist the negativity around and makes a positive impact from it. I know its easier said than done. But done something is easier than holding on to something that is not sure ours. Lemons do taste nice sometimes. Don't you think?


  1. mena ya. this is what we call the business of living. hehe

  2. hahaha mun dpt sesenang ya ow. nang rami dah orang kaya kali ow hehe


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