new look for me blog

6:28 PM
Just some thought. 

While waiting for my rendering to be done just now.

I've been changing here and there for my blog layout and looks and font and how it functions.

What do you guys think?

The most crucial questions is, is it easy to be read?

And if you guys where seeing my old post, I'm sorry if most of the entries were lacking of the pictures it supposed to show. I accidentally  deleted it (I think) when i was using my old phone before and delete everything from my library gallery (that was suppose to put my blog pictures) cause it was eating my memories.

Little that I know that it actually deleted everything from my blog as well.

oh well, it was supposed to keep my memories. But I guess some memories are not meant to be remembered.

1 comment:

  1. yes, it is easy to read, simple but nice...

    oh ya, cinta paling agung? ade kt myflm4u if u want to watch online... but i juz borrow from my friend, hehehe


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