Food for thought (Literally) All foods.

10:39 AM

Happy day everyone~ 
So yes, its not my first time living far from families but it is my first time always eating alone at home with nobody to share. 

I have two kind of foods to share today. 

1. Eat out food 
2. Homemad food (homemade lah sangat) hahaha

Last week me and my friend were hanging out at the beach somewhere. I'm sorry there won't be any pictures of the beach view but I'll upload it next time. 

From Left; Chicken satay, Lamb satay and Gravy
Top : Beef Satay

First of all, eat out food!! 

We're having all kind of satay. 

Chicken satay, Beef Satay and Lamb Satay. The lamb satay is not as nice as the one I've tried in Sibu but not bad. I like beef and chicken the most. It really moist and juicy but thumbs down to the satay sauce (peanut obviously). The gravy were too concentrated. Like way too much. and too much peanut as well. it lost the flavour of the gravy itself. 
To top it off, while relaxing near the beach with grilled food, of course the coconut water~~ 

I'm very happy ^_^

Second food that I've been having yesterday and the day before is homemade and mostly based on eggs! Don't asked me why. I'm a fan of eggs. Don't care how you made it. As long as its not well done boiled eggs. That's a BIG NO from me. 

I start with my meal last two days, its a simple omelette (a mixture of eggs with vegetable leaves, tomato, a bit of chili for the spicyness and not forgotting cheese and mayonnaise)

Its sides were decorated with lettuce, tomato again and topped with hotdot (fried small cut hotdog with ketchup and sauce) 
p/s hot dog are not good for health. So, try to avoid it at all cost. (as if! hahaaha)

Eat everything ok? Don't leave the decorated untouch. The greens is good for your health. 

And last night, since i was so bored living alone for now. I keep on playing in the kitchen and find something new to do. So, last night i'm trying to do the Eggroll. ingredients is based on whatever i have in the fridge and kitchen. 

So, let see, I still have my tomato and lettuce, mayo, cheese and sardine~! more than enough!!

Let's cut this short. Just take a peek at the pictures and tell me what do you think? hahaha.. 

not bad ahh? 

Till next time!! 

hugs and kisses 

Ztie Shr


  1. yeahhh, i love eggs toooooo!!!!!! dalam diet yg i amlkan ni, memang need more eggs, ahahaha~

    sate tuu, x suke sgt, hehehe, but egg, is ohsemm!

    1. diet yg u amalkan tu diet apa eh? atkin ker? semoga berjaya. hehe tapi eggs memang ohsem kan?


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