Mister Crab

Assalamualaikum, selamat pagi dan salam Jumaat kepada semua teman-teman seperjuangan. 

A little bit of beautiful words for you guys and myself today 


Alright, let moving on, yesterday, my friend from Kuching but working in Limbang right now is coming to Miri for works and obviously to see me. LOL. JK
But she did come and bring this beauties over. 


Since all of it mostly alive and I don't have any experience regarding how to cook fresh crab. So, I leave it to the pro and I just help with all the garnishing  things. 

p/s I am taking invisble note for me to cook myself next time. 

Most of the crabs are female so yeay to it with the eggs and everything. But the biggest one is male a.k.a jantan. You can see from the picture below the crab pinchers is really really big compared to the other one.

Done cutting and smashing. Now its time to put into the pan.

after stirring a while, here and there, add on seasonings and everything and walla~~~ 

mr crab is ready with buah dabai (its on season now) 
and the dabai is specially from Limbang. lemak berkrim disukai ramai u. 

Both were eaten with hot rice.. perghh~~!

Close up of the crabs with eggs~

Just right in time before dinner, my friends Videl sending this picture of them and saying they miss me~!! me! yes me!! 

oh it feels good to be miss. seriously~ LOL

So, we decided to send back our pic with our dinner saying WE miss them too with the foods of course. 

Loves the food?? Me too 

Ztie Shr


  1. Ooooo...that big one is a real beauty! So lucky getting that from your friend - can't afford to buy and cook and eat now, way too expensive here and worse if we go and eat outside.

    Got dabai in Miri? Here too...but still expensive. Missus bought some that day - RM22 a kg, and she refused to try at the market - said very dirty. Not nice at all and in the end, we had to throw it all away. Such a waste!

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Do hop over again sometime.

    1. I know right. The big one is so good~ Yeap lucky enough to have her bringing it here. Its quite expensive here and in Limbang too I guess. Surely too much to eat outside. Outside will cost hundreds with that amount of crabs.

      Yeap, there is Dabai in Miri but it still so expensive. I remember buying from Sibu last time and cheaper. Varied prices from cheapest to the highest.
      or, maybe next time u can try like how my friend always try dabai, she will always asked for one to try. Just one. and take from several that she think has a potential. THen just go to the nearest coffee shop and ask for a hot water. Try it and if she liked it, she go back to the market and buy them.

      Thanks for dropping by too ^_^

    2. LOVE THE FOODS!!! MELTING ~~~~~~~~long time did not eat crab >_<

    3. Go and eat it! Its nice to pampered ourselves sometimes! Hehe

  2. Thanks for the comment in my blog, by the way, how did you found my blog, I am curious.

    Long time never eat crab, in SG Chilli Crab is very famous

    1. Hai Libby. I never try crabs in SG. Maybe should try when I'm there sometimes.

      Oh well. I like to bloghoppings. Just clicking on random blogs from my friends blogs or just anynody blogs i visited and leave a comment sometimes


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