Display of own affection

Dear Diary,

Do you ever get sick of me talking bout death?

Its been years since Mister died. or actually when I found out that he died. A very good friend of mine.
He wanted me to go back to school. Work years later and live my life. So here I am.
Back to school. Studying. Going to class. Finish my school. Changing works after works years later. Trying to move on like everyone else but I still can't feel that I've been living my life.

And with other things happen in my life.

I have adopted my own distraction.

Besides the more I have others to think about. The less I have to miss him. But in the meantime, I choose to believe that he's watching over me. Because that's what Mister is. He's always watching over people and help them.

But sometimes its hurt that when you have miss someone lesser, you got another one to be miss.


What did I think?


  1. A very dear fried died in a self accident a few years ago and I still miss him dearly. When someone you love dearly leaves, he or she is never really gone.

    1. I know right. I feel you. Somehow in a year, every year, I will always miss them. Its never the same without them

  2. Umi turut simpati atas pemergian org yg kagumi ktk sis, hrp ktk dpt menempuhi perjalanan hidup ktk dgn tbh.

    Alhamdulilah ktk smbung study, kipidap sis... Muah2

    1. Mudahan juak sis. makseh. sikda mek sambung study kinek sis. dlk ya maksud kamek hihi

    2. Hihi .. tersalah tafsir kmk paduhal heee ..

      Apapun .. kmk ingin mengucapkan selamat tahun baru buat ktk sis ..kerana sudi singgah dan menjadi kawan blog kmk di alam maya tok.

      Kmk doakan yang terbaik buat ktk untuk tahun 2017 tok ..aminnnnnnnn ..muahhhhh

      Selamat tahun baru sis.


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