PasT..past.. past

1:27 AM

ok..just now, daniel call me and we talk about all stuff including about our past time. i like talking to him, coz i think he’s the one and only guy who not being hipokrit in front of me (beside my best friend of course).. even one of my friend can be really irritating and so damn *****. owh ok well.. its human. never stay they same, never satisfied with everything. ok, i know daniel quite long (not reallY), i know him on the planE while flying back to Labuan. On the first class seat. (muahahah.. rarely got the sit there) ok well, its quite bored for me in the plan and he seems so nervous being on the plane all the time. and guess what, he is. its quite funny, but then he keep on mumbling something and hold the seat handle so tight. i ask him one question with one single sentence, "are you alright?" cause if u see his expression that time, u will feel really sorry, his face is really red. hehe sorry daniel if you read this.. ok when i ask him that question, he answer me with a million..err, maybe trillion or is it zillion words???? hehehe, he cant stop talking and since then, everytime we met, we’ll be talking non stop, even on the phone,not including the sms.

from there, i know that he’s afraid of height and thats why he’s afraid of using plane. dun know why. i try to help him overcome with his fear, we always go and come back with a plane, he started to ‘accept’ the aeroplane and the height in his life. with one way, make him talk! then, he will forget everything surround him. even his girlfriend!! hehehe… u don wanna know what happen. he broke up with his gf because of his too-much-talking habit. its been long time since i met him. and i miss him so much!! huhuhuhu.. goku and oden too

p/s i really feel like wanna run away from everybody that is so hipokrit. but this is my life, why should i run away?

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