what happen to celcom ? kehkehkeh

2:19 AM

i've paid my bills every month... on time...
what happen ? what happen celcom ? what happen to my broadband? the services getting slower n slower.. it's fine before but now? it's like im getting old just to wait for the pages to be loaded... the modem itself i spend RM399..not plus the 1st month bills plus the 2nd n so on later.... come on.. don make me dissapointed... -_-
huhuhu your my life.. your my angel, your my everything... huhu i need you to bring joy to my life, to get rid of my boring day everytime, to help me find jobs!!! hahaha.. its to long, n i still done nothing nowadays, still a long way ahead for me to start my ojt (on job training) but hey... at least i got it.. i hope i can do the job fine.. naa.. not fine.. but excellent. i'll get my boss mesmerized by me later.. i hope ... well, u know, its a real world, real people out there. im not sure im ready enough to confront those people. they don't just simply like me, maybe they hate me, don even count the backstabber later.. hahah.. tooOOOooo way much thinking. all i have to do now is just live life to the fullest! with my most lovable thing---------------->
aaahhhhh... my works, my study, my games... my companion when im bored..... yes.. ur my only one... kehkehkehkehkeh...

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