2:39 PM
Dear bloggers,
im sorry i cant update my blog for a while right now, as i am not feeling really well since past 3 days. i will miss to update my blog and for sure i miss to read all the bloggers new post later.
Do wish me well, wish me healthy. im scared right now..
how i wish my bestfriend would be with me now... :|
and my family ....
i have so many things to upload, all the cosvention picture, hanging out, new stuff...
so many things so little time...

pls pray for my health too....
thank u bloggers.... i'll see u guys later



  1. blank juak kmk tek... duhal ktk kenak demam ka? semuga ktk sehat dan cepat2 update dgn gmbr terkini...

  2. Semoga ktk cepat2 bait. Btw, minum air kosong byk2.

  3. amir :
    pahal la ktk blank ? heheheh dmm wak ikit.. terok wak ... tok oklah ikit tok ... makseh oww

    mstikot :
    makceh memanyak.. yalah ow.. aek ksg mek ng sik penah kurang. kdg2 nektok smpy mek minom pun aek lain dah asa...


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