11:44 AM
hehe... mesti semua dah tauk pasal title ya nak ? erm.. actually tok lah nak d post lamak tok, tp mala sekda masa..(kononnya).. hehe...
bok abis edit particular jak, and i dont have that many picture from this time cosvention as, i gago ke sia sitok ngn Jom Heboh and Regatta before. Then, keja2 d ofis gk, so i share a few for this time..
i have some more, but i'll upload later k.
just relax, and enjoy seeing this.. some of them were my friends who really enjoy cosplay so much. remember, cosplay is not cheap! u have to spend $$$$ so much, so, u must a really big fan to involve in cosplay. sadly, im not staying long enough at Swinburne to enjoy cosvention so much with them~~ erghh... but thats why this cosvention were held for rite? i get to meet them again~ yay~
and plus, even one my girlfriend were a shy shy girl before suddenly become so OPEN..i mean, yalah, no more shy girl... :D good for her... i will always be by your side girl..

some of the pictures were credits from Dino Jilan... :D >.<>

My friends Videl and LRP both perform that day... i'll see if i can get the picture.
Videl is the one who cosplay as Mio from K-on.. know which one is it ?





scroll down to see the picture below, this is the anime Mio from K-On...

now scroll back up.... can see the resemblence??


  1. Nasib baik u a gambar pasal tok. My blogger friends dah tertanya-tanya gambar macam tok. Setiap kali aku pergi boulevard, mesti aku miss sidak tok.

  2. hehe.. byk gik gmbr tok.. cuma lom da upload gk. tgh byk keja time tok plus sik berapa sihat.
    i will upload more later, check it out then


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