weekend OFF!

1:12 AM
Today, after facing such a long months and weekend, finally I will get my weekend off!! Usually, every weekend, I will go to serpan… ngeee.. jauh tu.. actually, not that far, but quite far kot.
I don’t get my OFF actually, tp byasalah, as usual, declare cuti dikpun nak hoo… very tired to work all weekdays and having no weekend to santai.
Ok, lets imagine this, working office hours.. starting at 8.30am till 5.15pm. break time is between 12.30-1.45. balik time is not fix.. repeat NOT FIX.. especially .. well, byasalah, projek banyak masok, amend here and there, this and that. Pihak A not satisfied, pihak B want this, PIhak A not agreed. Those whose in construction field will know EXACTLY what I mean =)
On weekdays, after working hours, (if and only if I get back home SHARP 5.15) then I have another duty, which is to be a driver. Yes peeps, im a driver…. To my family of course.
Will send and pick up my niece, nephew, cousins, grandma, brothers, to wherever they want. Depends on the day, sometimes I have to pick up my niece, nephew and cousins at school. And after all the tiring driving, I will reach home approximately around 10. Everyday ok? Very2 tiring… 10 is the earliest. Sometimes later than that.
Mun sik jadi driver pun, malam as usual g glanggang. And when im there, for sure I will be back around 12. Sleep than starting the days all over again.
And on weekend, Saturday morning, nggeeee… jadi budak baik, kemas2 rumah, basuh2 baju and everything, around 1 dah start the journey to serpan. 2 hours the less.. sampai pukul 3, kemas and start my work until 5 or 6. Rileks pusing kpg. Then start again around 8 until 10 or 11. Balik2 dah penat… terus tidur. Bangun pagi rehat2 sekejap… then around 12 or 2 paling lambat… go back to kuching.
Tapi dalam penat2 pun, time rileks2 pusing kpg is the best. Yala.. kuching is Bandar rite? There’s not much kebun or sawah padi you can find here…
That’s why when im in serpan I LOVE to follow my friends or anyone that been so kind at the village to go to their farm. Seriously, its really enjoyable. Makan buah nanas fresh, dragon fruit lagi. Ciku, durian belanda. Also buah engkalak.. tokrang tauk sik buah engkalak ya apa ? jarang org pandey makan buah ya… sik tauklah remaja2 nektok pandey sik oww…
Byk giklah .. tebu…. Erm… semua ada….. yg beznya bila dapat makan direct dari pokok or direct when nya dah masak ranum jatuh ke tanah. Sayang time ria salu pegi, durian lom ada… adoh… dari ria encarik durian. K polah tempoyak kah ow? Tambah ngn cabik ngn pusuk gk . or plah tempoyak goring campo ngn udang… pergghhh~~~ =D hehehe sorry peeps… seriously im carving for it…
Neee…… I’ll continue later…….. pasal tonite I g koke after long time sik jejak kaki ke sia lagik… =)


  1. Hehe.. Tauk mek buah engkalak ya camne... Nang sik nyaman ehhss...

  2. hehe..hai AmirFX ,bagus2... sik pandey makanlah toknak ? buah ya depends wak lah. mek penah mkn yg nyaman, n yg sik nyaman glak2, after mkn yg xnyaman ya trus xmok mkn gk.. hehe

  3. Byk juak keja kta hor... Mun kmk, bila dah sampei rmh, lalu tergoleng-goleng atas katil. hehehe

  4. hehe yalah ms tikot. kdg2 dah ujong mgu cmtok lah amik time nak goleng2. p kdg2 sekpat juak, sis mek bok apat baby. tlg babysit! ehehe... mun dah goleng2 ya kdg2 ngerepak juak org umah lak .. heheheh


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