:D ngeeee... (happy face)

10:55 AM
xjadi amik lesen moto sabtu depan!!!

coz i ody take it yesterday on 5/7/09!!! oh yes.. after long drive from serpan to kuching (not too long actually) tp berasalah juak, balit umah then ZZzzzZzzzzz..... then i got a call from the place where i took my license.. they asked if i wanna fill the slot for yesterday, so that i dont have to get back next saturday...
dahlah bok bangun tido.. gk mamai2... tp tanpa banyak soal, aku padah aok jaklah ow..
malas lah nak amik next saturday gik.. biarlah jadi one go trus oww.....
pegi jaklah .. so abiskan masa 3 hours vroom222222 dgn moto ex sia.... lalalalalala...
so now.. jz tgu lesen L ku kua jak . YAY!!!

P!!! Wait for me!! here i come~~

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