10:10 AM
as you all know, there is a death disease spreading nowadays, from far to near. from only what we can see on television to here.. not far from us.

there is some information that i get yesterday, SMK Bako is officially closed due to h1n1. 3 students has been identified positive. its coming, nearer and nearer everyday. Bako is not far from my place, 30min to 1 hours journey.

People, do take care of yourself, i will try my best to take care of mine too. After all the events that were being held in Kuching nowadays, Rainforest, Jom Heboh, Regatta that attract lots of tourist, i guess thats how the disease starting to spread easily. People with crowded.
I love my family and friends, so i dont want them to get sick and i still want to spend my time with them, then i will take care of myself too.

Let's pray the professionals will come up with the cure sooner....

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