Sunday, October 18, 2009


aritok dah ari ahad. esok ari isnin. isnin lak dah kerja. keja tok gik banyak. plan semua lom jalan. ne gaya tok?
oh oh ...
semalam saya menjalani (menjalani kah menjalankan?) bodyscan d rumah salah sorang kenalan. body scan tok kalau d buat d klinik2, memang akan kenak caj around rm200++.
so alhamdulillah yesterday i have the opportunity to get my bodyscan for nothing. body scan tok bukan macam scan xray. nampak tulang menulang semua pa ndah
body scan tok adalah untuk mengetahui berat ideal yang sesuai dengan ketinggian kita tok. macam byasa.weight, body fat range, and muscle mass, % body water (cukup sik air dalam badan kita tok), bone mass a.k.a kemampatan tulang (dapat sik body kita support berat kita), umur sebenar (macam, mengikut berat badan and tinggi), physique rating, BMR, basal metabolic age, visceral fat and erm.. ada lagiklah sebenarnya. tp lupak. paper report tek lupak lam keta. malas nak kuar tengah malam tok nak amik.
jadi semalam menjalani bodyscan coz, erm. ntah. macam perlu lah pulak. im not small. im not that big either. but im big enough.

my height is not suitable for my height.
does yours?
why don you check.

for men:

*ur height* - 100 = ur ideal weight

for women :

*ur height* - 100= 'A' x 10% = B
A - B =ur ideal weight

afterr calculating and cheching on calendar. im kinda obese. as in early stage.

im going to share a lil bit of my result.
for body fat range, on my age is 23. the healthy range is suppose to be 22.1% BUT mine is 50.8% means its on OBESE. for women who ages is between 20-24.... if the body fat range >29.6% is obese.
see the different?

% of body water
women suppose to have 50% water and men 60%. the more the better.
me? i got 36%. i think i drink lots of water. i guess its not enough. i have to add 3 or 4 more bottle maybe?

muscle mass
my muscle mass is 46.2 which is good but not good enough. i don remember the bench mark for either men or women.

for BMR
i get 1688. which is for women, suppose to be 1500 but with my body. mine suppose to reach 2000.
men is definitely must reach 2000.
its the metabolisme. mine is low. no wonder its hard for me to burn fat.

basal metabolic age
this one gets me frustrating. its calculate depending on ur height, weight and everything i list down just now. its like ur inner age. mine is 48!! 48! people...
im just 23 and my body functioning like im 48. imagine if i stay like this or worst, how will my body function when i am really reaching 48??
i have to work on it!!

bone mass
my bone mass is 3.6 which is very good for me with my height.i remember the person who did my bodyscan told me that my bone can still support my weight. but don be too cozy on it. (means i have to loss some!!)

my visceral fat is 12.. means BAD

1-4 excellent
5-8 healthy
9-12 bad
over 13 alarming

i got 12 and that is bad enough.
visceral fat is the fat that surrounds the vital organ in the trunk/stomach area of the body. tauk nak di balik kulit kita tok adalah lemak2 baruklah organ2 badan kita? so bila dah lemak2 ya makin tebal. nya makin dekat ngn organ2 kita yang menyebabkan organ kita ssh nak berfungsi. pandey juak organ kita tok sesak nafas bha nak. megin jak tokrang rapat2 lam lif kecik smpy 20 30 org. ampus sik asa nyawa? cmya kali ampus asa organ kita tok ow.. and it can cause heart disease, blood pressure. lowering visceral fats can stabilise insulin actionsubstantially, reducing ur risk of diabetes and other related illness.

maybe i dont explain it well enough. why dont you guys have your own body scan and share it here? its good for you though.. so you know that you need to improve youself. i know i do.

and from now on... im going to detox and improving myself.

maybe after one month. i will get my bodyscan again just to know how far did i go.

should i spend money to fix my car? yes.
should i spend money for my entertainment? yes
should i spend money for my own health? definitely yes.

if no? than previous 2 question is not worth any. get to spend some time and cash for ur own health. its good to know :D

do you tkke care of yourself?

grrr... wish me luck!!!

p/s retiring from sport activities doesnt do me any for sure..


  1. Gud luck! kMk pun BMI maseh aktif d kalangan yang teruk juak.. Nektok ada kurang ikit p still working like hell.. Haha.. Try eksesais yg ringan2..

  2. heheheh...... trying tok aieh... yeah yeahh.. food temptation~