pursue to happiness

11:26 PM
i was thinking, since im gaining my ages by one more figure. what do i do with my life actually? i would like to achieve so many things in my life (who doesnt?)
i dont dream of a big house since im not used of it. and since there's only 3 of us.
i wish for a medium house, large land so that it can fit with swimming pool for my niece and nephew.
a basketball ball court for myself (pastime hobbies that i never touched again since i have no where and no one to play with)
a compact car
bicycle for evening leisure
desktop that can support 3d gaming without lagging
a good, caring, loving, understanding and wealthy husband ? (err...)

im still thinking ... either to further my study or not?
i would love to further my study, to hold a degree or even master or PhD?
but... (there's always but) financial.
but.. (again) with my job right now, i know i cant earn enough to support my family or me in the future.
im thinking to take PJJ or PLK.
but still, they dont have the course that i would like to apply here in kuching.
all in kl (obviously)...
some suggest, go to kl, stay there, work there and take PLK there.
but some say, whats the difference? with all the billing here and there, house rent, car, toll..
the salary will be cut off here and there, and hasilnya ? same as what i got here or maybe even less.
but still... i want to pursue my dreams.
so im going step by step.
pay little by little of my financial.
then fly off again to further my study.

its not too late....

*wish me luck*


  1. Wish u luck! ehek. Boh lupak makan ah! ehek XD

  2. ngeee.. makseh bang n akak odio.. ehehhe
    sik mek lupak makan. ingat gilak2.. huehuehu

    p/s mek da nyebut sal makan lam post tek ka?

  3. i understand completely how u feel. i've gone thru all the phases of applying my studies to overseas, but in the end, all i got is pure disappointment - no $$$.. paid RM500 just to sit for my international english test,and i passed beyond the required pointer, prepared my thesis proposal like crazy - only to be turned down by Yayasan TAR when i applied for their scholarship. dah dpt seat dah pun at Lincoln Uni, NZ ..arum bulak nunggu pergi jak gik supposedly bulan 2 tek..but semua, just berkubur jak rite now.. i feel you JT..sabar jak lah ho..mungkin belum masa and pasti ada hikmah :)

  4. u didnt go because of that Yayasan TAR is it ? wah. dahlah mmg dah kompom dapat seat d NZ. in the end,smua sekda bunyi. ya lagik sedih nak ho..
    seriously, kmk mmg ingin mok study gk. tp my financial is not backing me up. plus, i still got loan to settle with yayasan sarawak. ssh juak ow. nak go on with work pun, paying maseh too small to support even myself. apatah lagik family. u ? diploma in marketing? jadi cikgu aja marketing ka ? hehehe


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